We are all still in shock of the tragic loss that has paralyzed the world, not just the entertainment world; and like many we have yet to accept this tragedy, but we feel a responsibility and we are privileged to honor Michael Jackson through every source we have. We know that we promised our fans a “New Fanvasion” on this day, but due to this unforeseeable, incomprehensible heartbreak for our fans, advertisers, artists, affiliates, partners and ourselves, there is no way that we could move forward with the re-launch of our magazine without first paying tribute to the “King of Music”. We have only postponed the re-launch and we will post a new date and keep you informed.

Michael Jackson was everyone’s friend; most people feel as though they just “lost their best friend”, or a “piece of their childhood”, and most will say they remember “growing up listening to Michael Jackson”; not only did “they” grow up with Michael, but so did their parents and grandparents, and they feel that something huge was just taken away from them and from their family. That is because Michael Jackson was the first recording artist to be known as “trans-generational”, which means that he appealed to all generations, all age groups. Combine that accolade with the fact that he was the first recording artist to “cross-over”, in fact, I think that the term was created because of Michael Jackson. Now add that he had a string of number hits that simultaneously reached the #1 Billboard position all over the world, selling millions of albums and created the longest running music video of all time. I would say that all of these triumphs and more earn Michael Jackson the honor as “King of Music” – we already knew him as the “King of Pop”! How many of you performed to a Michael Jackson (Jackson 5 or Janet Jackson) song in your school talent show? My daughter did… she did “Nasty” and she was good! So many established recording artists have followed in Michael Jackson’s footsteps, yet no one can compare. In fact, Shakira paid condolences and just quoted Frank Sinatra, who once said “the only singer I’ve seen who was better than me." No matter how old, where you live, or whether you’re black or white, we all feel we have lost a friend.

For us, we do think of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family as friends. In the early 80’s we were part of promotion for “The Victory Tour”; we managed the promotional club/amphitheatre tours for La Toya and for Rebbie Jackson and booked several dates with promoters for Janet Jackson. Katherine Jackson escorted La Toya, so I traveled throughout the east coast through Canada with both of them, and got to know them well. During that time, I went to the Jackson home and was welcomed by Mrs. Jackson. I didn’t take pictures or use the time for anything other than what it was intended to be, but I did learn that all the negative fluff you hear or see in the news about the family… about Michael, were embellished stories or just simply lies. I can understand why a family that large would have to take precautions to protect their privacy, especially to protect their assets including the immeasurable amount of talent. My husband is from a family of nine children, just like the Jackson’s; we have a lot of similarities and it’s because we know them that we are so hurt by this loss and we feel the pain, especially for Michael’s children and for his parents.

We find comfort in looking at photos of Michael Jackson, or watching his videos, to learn more about Michael or to share a memory; therefore, we have included these links for you to do the same… to keep Michael Jackson alive through the music and in our hearts.

Love & Peace to all,

Loretta Jamar, Courtney Justice & Chanelle Justice – Fanvasion.com


I am getting increasingly frustrated by the rumors and the so-called fans that are trying to ruin Michael Jackson’s name with all this “drug” talk. It might be coming to a close, and it might have been a homicide…

Many people are comparing the Michael Jackson tragedy to tragedies of other celebrities, especially Elvis Presley, and we wonder if there were any charges filed against Elvis’ physician “Doctor Nick” or if there were any reports of foul play? As it turns out, in 1980, the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners suspended the doctor’s license for three months. Dr George C. Nichopoulos was indicted for “unlawfully, willfully, and feloniously” prescribing drugs to Elvis Presley and other patients; however, he was acquitted of all charges a year later. He may not have served a prison sentence, but in 1995 the board took away his medical license permanently for over-prescribing narcotics. [ Read More… ]

Check out ETERNAL MOONWALK — a website dedicated to keeping the memory of Michael Jackson alive as fans from all across the globe uploaded videos of themselves doing the MJ’s signature Moonwalk dance move.

Upload a video at www.eternalmoonwalk.com!