The Music of ‘One Tree Hill’: “One night of magic rush…”

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I believe there was a collective gasp of pure ‘awe’ from Leyton fans all over when the Tree Hill Ravens won the State Championship in ninth episode of the fourth season from “One Tree Hill”.

After over two seasons of waiting, the couple we fell in love with in the Pilot episode reunited in a swirling heap of confetti, happiness… and “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez.

Peyton asked Lucas in the first episode of that season who he wanted standing next to him when all of his dreams came true — the heartbroken guy was quick to say “Brooke” after recently being dumped by her. It wasn’t until he had his high school dream come true, after he made that winning basket, that he realized it had always been Peyton that he wanted next to him.

Duh, we could have told you that Luke! [READ MORE]

The Music of ‘One Tree Hill’: Haley’s Popstar Moment

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As you know, there have been many times the last nine seasons where Bethany Joy Galeotti has performed on “One Tree Hill“. In the first season, Joy introduced the vocal ability of her character Haley James Scott, and over the years we’ve watched Haley grow from a singer in the privacy of her own home (or Karen’s Cafe), to a local talent, a national touring upcoming star with a song on the charts — and back again.

Joy has mostly performed love ballads or mid-tempo melodies, but in season three we got the only glimpse there would ever be of a bona fide popstar in Mrs. James Scott. [READ MORE]

The Music of ‘One Tree Hill’: “Does this Darkness Have a Name?”

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It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since the school shooting-themed episode of “One Tree Hill“. I’ll never forget that powerful hour in which a gun-toting bullied Jimmy Edwards held his former friends and school class-mates isolated in a classroom as Peyton, whom he had shot, nearly bled out in the library with Lucas as their friends and family waited helplessly outside of Tree Hill High.

The entire episode was filled with amazing performances and haunting scores, created by composer John Nordstrom, which played in the back-drop of great dialogue and direction.

Episode 3.16 “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept” hit close to home to everyone watching; school shootings weren’t something of fiction — we had experienced them in everyday life; some more closely than others.

There was some controversy from OTH viewers and critics, but all in all I was glad Mark Schwahn paid attention to the voices of the students in these real life situations and let them be heard through this series. Maybe it spoke to you, maybe it spoke to them. Maybe a high school student watching the episode that identified with the bully or the bullied found some solace that changed the outcome of something in their lives.

It’s not like everyone had the perfect experience as a teenager. [READ MORE]

The Music of ‘One Tree Hill’: A Scorching Moment in Sound

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So far, there have been eight season finales of “One Tree Hill”, and in those eight finales, I can’t think of one song that stood out more to me than the ending track from season two — “Lavinia” by The Veils.

Now, that’s not to say there haven’t been some incredible songs, because there definitely have been, but none of them give me chills as much as the haunting vocals on this incredible piece of music.

Let’s not forget that this particular season finale set in motion one of the biggest story-lines of “One Tree Hill” history. [READ MORE]

The Music of ‘One Tree Hill’: When the Melodic ‘Stars’ Aligned

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The music of “One Tree Hill” was addictive from day one; throughout the first season and into the second, these songs came to be more significant to fans. As I always say: the new music became just as important to us as the new episode was.

A few episodes into the second season OTH took a different direction with the songs on their show after bringing on a relatively new singer — but an unknown actor — Tyler Hilton as the wise-cracking Chris Keller. The character of Haley (played by Bethany Joy Galeotti, née Lenz) was no longer who we found out — halfway through season one — was just ‘a girl who just liked to sing’.

Oh no, Haley became ‘a singer’. [READ MORE]

The Music of “One Tree Hill”: The Daring Move

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When I think back on music from “One Tree Hill” history, I could probably fill up on tunes from season one alone. So many songs used that year held meaning to the memorable moments on the show as well as to me and to my sister — who watched OTH alongside me since day one. It was her idea to even start our website, so you can partially thank her for even existing.

My sister told me I couldn’t take a look back on the music and not include the song that accompanied that first kiss between Nathan and Haley. Yep, Naley is the longest running couple in Tree Hill and quite frankly, I think they may be one of the longest running couples on primetime television.

They never actually broke up…. in nine seasons! [READ MORE]

The Music of “One Tree Hill”: An Everlasting Musical Moment

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Every song selected for an episode of “One Tree Hill” plays a major role, but just like the scenes of an episode lead up to the grand last few moments, every song leads to the finale tune — also known as the “CODA”. If you don’t know what the “Coda” is, it’s the Italian term for “tail.” In music, it’s the tail end, the final movement… the end of the musical piece. On One Tree Hill, as well as any other television series, it’s the final song in the episode.

CODA’s are usually the songs that stand out the most for us because, outside of an occasional montage of scenes in various episodes, it’s the song that draws all of the scenes together. Sometimes words between the characters aren’t even spoken, we’ll just see a medley of how their day is ending in Tree Hill.

When I think of the CODA songs that have stood out the most to me, I’m instantly drawn to our first winter hiatus in the first season when the song “Re-Offender” by Travis closed out the show. [READ MORE]

The Music of “One Tree Hill”: It all started with a song…

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There is no “One Tree Hill” fan like the OTH music fan; someone with the ear to pick up the tone, melody, and feel of a song as it softy plays behind the dialogue you can’t miss a second of. It’s the fans like them, those so invested in this show, that I believe have kept the series running for as long as it has. The best part of all is that I think all fans of the show are OTH music fans — and that’s why was created.

The opening moment of the show is what I want to put focus on — because from the first second… we were caught up with both.

It was the song “Drift” by Forty Foot Echo that opened the series as Nathan Scott tried to impress his father Dan during a Tree Hill Ravens game and Peyton Sawyer, ever the musical junkie, nearly ran down a jogging Lucas Scott with her car as she tried to change a CD. [READ MORE]

Top 10 Best Dressed Picks: 2011 Teen Choice Awards

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I watched the Teen Choice Awards…yeah I did. I may have not been a teen for a few years now, but I have no shame. While the awards were as expected nothing to fan-girl over, the clothes were! There was a wide variety of the same ‘ol-same ‘ol red carpet looks, but I did notice a few ladies really bringing their A-game, others continued their streak of fabulous, and some gave me a fresh look.


Top 10 Best Dressed Picks: 2011 Teen Choice Awards


Below is the run-down of my favorites that you might agree with or you might want to tell me I’m insane for my choices. It is what it is. I may not be a teen anymore and therefore should probably have avoided watching the show all together, but fashion called my name. It’s funny how none of the ladies who made my ‘Best Dressed’ list are teens either, so maybe they should re-name this award show. [READ MORE]

The CW Airs ‘Gaga By Gaultier’ This September!

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The CW Airs 'Gaga By Gaultier' This September!ARE YOU READY FOR MORE GAGA? This September The CW network will be airing an exclusive interview special starring platinum-selling pop star and fashion icon Lady Gaga and legendary fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. In Gaga by Gaultier, produced by Dak Tirak and directed by Alex Fighter, the two sit down in their first-ever face-to-face meeting to discuss everything from her meteoric rise to fame; secret backstage details; her unique relationship with her fans; the absolute control she exercises on her image and business; deliberate provocation as a marketing tool; and her passionate love for fashion and art.

Gaga by Gaultier airs Monday, September 12 (8:00-9:15 p.m. ET) only on The CW.

Immediately following the special, a 45-minute sneak peek of the network’s upcoming and returning primetime shows will air. In The CW 2011 Fall Preview Special (9:15-10:00p.m. ET), hosted by Maggie Q (Nikita) and Kristoffer Polaha (Ringer), you’ll get a first look at what to expect this fall season with some of your favorite shows and new series such as Ringer, The Secret Circle, and Hart of Dixie.



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