Spring Style Spotlight: Lisa of The Veronicas

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Spring Style Spotlight: Lisa of The VeronicasLisa Origliasso, one half of the pop/rock Australian sibling duo The Veronicas took some time out of the girls busy schedule promoting their new album to answer some questions about her and sister, Jess’ signature sassy style. Check out what Lisa had to say in our quick Q&A below! Don’t forget to buy “Untouched”, the first US single off their new album Hook Me Up, now available on iTunes!

How would you describe your style?
Our style is a mix of vintage, designer and rock.

The trend you can’t stand is…
A trend we can’t stand are those fluro colors coming back in everywhere here in Oz [Australia]… on girls and boys!!

What beauty products do you swear by?
Napoleon black eyeliner, NARS blush and eye shadows, and Forever New glitters for fun!

What’s your ideal party look?
It depends on our mood. We tend to dress how we feel, but you can’t go too wrong with cute leggings, a hot pair of heels and a cool rock ‘n’ roll vintage top dressed up with awesome layered jewelry! And a fitted jacket or long cardigan!

Your most embarrassing piece of clothing is…
Our most embarrassing piece of clothing probably some pants we’ve bought from the ‘little boys’ department at Target. Since we are small, they were the only ones that would fit us!

Who is your fashion idol?
Our fashion idols are the Olsen twins. They always look cute, unique and stylish. We also love looking through Japanese fashion magazines for inspiration too!

· For more on The Veronicas, check out their MySpace @ www.myspace.com/theveronicas!

Fall Style Spotlight: Jamie and Cristina of LAX

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Fall Style Spotlight: Jamie and Cristina of LAXTwo of the lovely ladies from the hot girl-group, LAX shared some of their favorite fall styles, designers and who they’d love to go on a shopping spree with! To find out what Jamie and Cristina had to say, read our mini fashion Q&A below!

How would you describe your Fall style?
Jamie: My fall style is actually my favorite time to dress! I’m a big shoe fanatic so I gotta have ‘em boots on for the fall! Oh, and hoodies – my big thing! And slip on some fitted dark blue jeans.
Cristina: I would describe my fall style as more laid back, but still funky.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
My favorite designers would have to be Juicy Couture, love it , so comfy haha. Seven [for all Mankind] Jeans and uhm, gotta love LRG. Last, but not least ALDO [for] shoes, accessories and purses.
Cristina: Luxurie (LRG for girls), Bebe, and sometimes just anything that’s cute and not very pricey. Kohl’s has great stuff and vintage stores will surprise you!!

What are your must-have beauty products?
Must have beauty products would be mascara and blush and I’m good to go!
Cristina: I must have perfume! I have got to smell good. For make-up, mascara and a shimmer/sparkly eye shadow.

If you could go on a shopping spree with any star, who would it be and why?
Chris Brown! Haha! Because one, he’s hot and talented. Two we would be going in many shops ’cause we’re both a boy and girl shopping for different things so we could possibly take all day, haha. Three, I wouldn’t only be shopping with Chris Brown but he has a good sense of style dude, so we wouldn’t be waiting anytime shopping.
Cristina: It would be Gwen Stefani, ’cause her outfits are so funky, fresh, and so put together. I wanna see wear she shops, what her tips are and what are her favorite brands!

· For more on LAX, check out their MySpace @ www.myspace.com/lax!

Summer Style Spotlight: Audrey Kitching

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Summer Style Spotlight: Audrey KitchingContinuing with our Style Spotlight, this summer we’re featuring Audrey Kitching! We wanted to showcase this very stylish 21 year-old east coaster. When she’s not catching attention from on-lookers with her stand-out make-up and wicked cool hair, or even doing hair and make-up for others — Audrey spends her time modeling! Read more and see what Audrey had to say about her look and what trend she could do without.

Name: Audrey Lynn Kitching
Age: 21
Location: Philly/NYC
Occupation: Hair Stylist, Freelance for M.A.C. Cosmetics, Model, Stylist

How did you get into modeling and doing hair & make-up?
I was with an agency when I was 16 for a while and now I freelance as I’m offered work.. and I went to an Aveda Institute for Cosmetology/Estiology.

What’s the one make-up product you can’t live without?
BareMinerals! I just started using it and it makes your skin look amazing in the summer, no cakey lines or oil!

How would you describe your style?
Kinda urban and weird? I’m really into Anime and Japanese culture right now. I love the fruits look — I’m going to Japan to model for it in September, I’m so excited.

What’s the latest trend you can’t stand?
Those booty shorts girls wear that say “Lifeguard” and “Hottie” on the back.. they are terrible.

· For more about Audrey, check out her MySpace @ www.myspace.com/twiggviolence!

Spring Style Spotlight: Mozella

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Spring Style Spotlight: MozellaWith fashion changing rapidly and spring quickly approaching, we wanted to choose someone to spotlight who really represented original style. Naturally, the first person who came to mind was Maverick recording artist MoZella. The raspy soulful voice of this Detroit native isn’t the only thing unique about her, just about everything from MoZella’s earrings to her clothes, to her hair has a funky flair. Check out what she had to say when we asked her about her cool look!

How would you describe your style?
I like to call it hip-hop Hepburn. It’s the classic beauty of Audrey Hepburn with a street/urban edge. Hoodies and sneakers with Jackie O. plaid coats and diamonds.

What designers are you really diggin’ lately?
I don’t really have a favorite. A company called SNAC has been making me a lot of awesome, personalized hoodies. Check ‘em out at snaconline.com! They rock!

Do you have certain favorite colors you enjoy wearing?
I love red, pink, black, denim, and gold.

Lots of your fans are raving about the awesome earrings you’ve been sporting on stage lately. Where can they find them?
Fans on MySpace have been sending me cool stuff to wear! I got so many compliments on the Lifehouse tour about my Niya Melodie earrings. She’s a designer/fan from MySpace. I wrote a blog about her. Check out my page to find out where to get ‘em!

· MoZella’s MySpace
· Check out MoZella style and her amazing music at www.mozellamusic.com!

Fall Style Spotlight: Shila

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We wanted to do a make-up feature on the coolest and most dramatic eye make-up when we came across Shila’s page on Myspace.com. This 20 year-old Cali native has the most eye-catching make-up we’ve seen outside the most glamorous music videos and the high fashion catwalk. Read below to find out some of Shila’s tips on how you can achieve her look.

NAME: Shila
AGE: 20 years old
LOCATION: California
Make-up Tips: “I use a white eyeliner as a base to set bright colors like yellows and oranges. Other wise I use Shadestick in ‘Beiging’ ” by M.A.C. I usually use 3-4 colors when doing my eye make-up, it’s fun and to me make-up is my art.”
Favorites Colors To Use: Red & Purple

Aspirations: “I’ve never gone to makeup or cosmetology school. It’s just something I picked up on my own, and one day hope to start a make up line of my own.”

Where You Can Spot Her Work: Shila did the make-up for the bands Roses Are Red and Arizona-based band Scary Kids Scaring Kids for their latest music video shoots. She also does the make-up for the band Clearstatic on a regular basis. You can check out their Myspacehere.

To see more of Shila’s awesome make-up styles, check out her Myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/makeupbyshila!

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· M.A.C. eyeshadow $13.50 each in “Chrome Yellow”, “Goldmine”, “Electric Eel” | buy online
· M.A.C. powerpoint eye pencil $13.50 each in “Engraved” | buy online
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