Twilight Make-up Line Launches Website

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Twilight Make-up Line Launches WebsiteDuWop

Get the look of the Cullen ladies with DuWop Cosmetics Twilight Beauty line, Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight! The two cosmetic collections, both created by DuWop founder Cristina Bartolucci, officially launched their website on August 28th. Earlier this summer DuWop put out a preview of the collection, a Twilight edition of their signature Lip Venom. Orders for the lip gloss went through the roof and back orders are still in the processed of being shipped!

With this new line of make-up, fans of The Twilight Saga can get the look of Bella, Alice, and Rosalie with gorgeous eye shadows, lip gloss, and mascara in vibrant colors as well as body shimmer so can sparkle like a true vamp! [READ MORE]

Fashion Q&A: Bevin Prince

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Fashion Q&A: Bevin PrinceWhen we recently chatted with One Tree Hill actress Bevin Prince, she spilled some of her favorite beauty products and more! Read what she had to say!


Who are some of your favorite designers?
Umm, favorite designer… Well, I live in North Carolina so we’re not really into designers around here. There aren’t that many place to get designer stuff from, probably one or two really good stores. I honestly shop at Banana Republic more than anywhere else. It’s my favorite store. I wish I had some cool designer to tell you, but I’m just a Banana Republic kinda girl.


What are your three must-have beauty products?
Actually, Sophia [Bush] turned me onto this one — it’s Mario Badescu “Healing Cream.” It is the most magnificent thing you could ever put on your face. If you have any little scars or dry patches, just put a little bit on. Literally overnight your skin is rejuvenated and back to normal. It’s amazing! I also, can not live without my Bobby Brown concealer. Because of my allergies I have dark under eye circles, so I live on this stuff. I don’t ever leave the house without it. Another product I can’t live without is very random … my Visine. Every morning I use it, just brightens the eyes so much. Right after I wake up I put it in, and by the time I get to work my eyes are bright and I’m ready to go. I’m not sure how healthy that is, so I’m not encouraging it. [Laughs]


How would you describe your style?
Casual, completely casual. I’m all about sweaters and comfy boots. Anything that is comfortable and I can wear the whole day. From working all day to a lunch then walking my dog on the beach.


· Visit Bevin’s official site.


Fall Style Spotlight: Shila

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We wanted to do a make-up feature on the coolest and most dramatic eye make-up when we came across Shila’s page on This 20 year-old Cali native has the most eye-catching make-up we’ve seen outside the most glamorous music videos and the high fashion catwalk. Read below to find out some of Shila’s tips on how you can achieve her look.



NAME: Shila
AGE: 20 years old
LOCATION: California
Make-up Tips: “I use a white eyeliner as a base to set bright colors like yellows and oranges. Other wise I use Shadestick in ‘Beiging’ ” by M.A.C. I usually use 3-4 colors when doing my eye make-up, it’s fun and to me make-up is my art.”
Favorites Colors To Use: Red & Purple

Aspirations: “I’ve never gone to makeup or cosmetology school. It’s just something I picked up on my own, and one day hope to start a make up line of my own.”

Where You Can Spot Her Work: Shila did the make-up for the bands Roses Are Red and Arizona-based band Scary Kids Scaring Kids for their latest music video shoots. She also does the make-up for the band Clearstatic on a regular basis. You can check out their Myspace here.

To see more of Shila’s awesome make-up styles, check out her Myspace @!


· M.A.C. shadestick $15 each in “Beigeing” | buy online
· M.A.C. eyeshadow $13.50 each in “Chrome Yellow”, “Goldmine”, “Electric Eel” | buy online
· M.A.C. powerpoint eye pencil $13.50 each in “Engraved” | buy online
· M.A.C. eye kohl $12 each in “Fascinating” | buy online
· M.A.C. zoom lash mascara $10 each in “Zoom Black” | buy online