Rockin’ Out with Everlife

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Rockin’ Out with EverlifeNAME: Everlife
MEMBERS: Amber, Sarah and Julia Ross

EARLY STAGES: Inspired by early rock ‘n’ roll from the 50’s and 60’s that their mother always listened to, sisters Amber, Sarah and Julia Ross, who are self-taught musicians and song-writers began creating a collection of original music and practiced harmonies everyday. Sarah took to the drums, while Amber strummed the guitar and Julia played melodies on her piano. Determined to take their music out of their hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania and play it for the world, the girls named themselves Everlife and set out to play their music for anyone who would listen. [READ MORE]

2Much: Their Sound is Blazin’

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2Much: Their Sound is Blazin’NAME: 2Much
AGES: Chris Cheeks (15), Myles Cleveland (15), Milo Stokes (16), Marcel Wildy (17)
HOMETOWN: Chris, Milo, and Marcel grew up in Los Angeles, whereas Myles hails from Connecticut.

THE MISSING LINK: 2Much began with three young boys, childhood friends (Milo, Marcel, and Chris) who dreamed of making their stardom dreams a reality. Who would have thought it would only take a year? Milo, the son of Chris Stokes, who just so happens to be the writer/director of 2004’s “You Got Served” and CEO of the music and entertainment group T.U.G. (The Ultimate Group) and his three friends got the chance of a lifetime after touring with Milo’s cousin, R&B singer Omarion and his group B2K. [READ MORE]

Summer Style Spotlight: Audrey Kitching

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Summer Style Spotlight: Audrey KitchingAudrey Kitching / MySpace

Continuing with our Style Spotlight, this summer we’re featuring Audrey Kitching! We wanted to showcase this very stylish 21 year-old east coaster. When she’s not catching attention from on-lookers with her stand-out make-up and wicked cool hair, or even doing hair and make-up for others — Audrey spends her time modeling!

Read more and see what Audrey had to say about her look and what trend she could do without.


Name: Audrey Lynn Kitching
Age: 21
Location: Philly/NYC
Occupation: Hair Stylist, Freelance for M.A.C. Cosmetics, Model, Stylist


How did you get into modeling and doing hair & make-up?
I was with an agency when I was 16 for a while and now I freelance as I’m offered work.. and I went to an Aveda Institute for Cosmetology/Estiology.


What’s the one make-up product you can’t live without?
BareMinerals! I just started using it and it makes your skin look amazing in the summer, no cakey lines or oil!


How would you describe your style?
Kinda urban and weird? I’m really into Anime and Japanese culture right now. I love the fruits look — I’m going to Japan to model for it in September, I’m so excited.


What’s the latest trend you can’t stand?
Those booty shorts girls wear that say “Lifeguard” and “Hottie” on the back.. they are terrible.


· For more about Audrey, check out her MySpace @!

Spring Style Spotlight: MoZella

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Spring Style Spotlight: MozellaWith fashion changing rapidly and spring quickly approaching, we wanted to choose someone to spotlight who really represented original style. Naturally, the first person who came to mind was Maverick recording artist MoZella. The raspy soulful voice of this Detroit native isn’t the only thing unique about her, just about everything from MoZella’s earrings to her clothes, to her hair has a funky flair.

Check out what she had to say when we asked her about her cool look!


How would you describe your style?
I like to call it hip-hop Hepburn. It’s the classic beauty of Audrey Hepburn with a street/urban edge. Hoodies and sneakers with Jackie O. plaid coats and diamonds.


What designers are you really diggin’ lately?
I don’t really have a favorite. A company called SNAC has been making me a lot of awesome, personalized hoodies. Check ’em out at! They rock!


Do you have certain favorite colors you enjoy wearing?
I love red, pink, black, denim, and gold.


Lots of your fans are raving about the awesome earrings you’ve been sporting on stage lately. Where can they find them?
Fans on MySpace have been sending me cool stuff to wear! I got so many compliments on the Lifehouse tour about my Niya Melodie earrings. She’s a designer/fan from MySpace. I wrote a blog about her. Check out my page to find out where to get ’em!


· MoZella’s MySpace
· Check out MoZella style and her amazing music at!

Sara Paxton, From the Small Screen to ‘Aquamarine’

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Sara Paxton, From the Small Screen to ‘Aquamarine’NAME: Sara Paxton
AGE: 17
BIRTHPLACE:Woodland Hills, California

BREAK OUT ROLE: Playing party girl, Sarah Borden and steaming up the screen with Jesse McCartney on The WB’s “Summerland”.

HER EARLY START: Sara made her way into the acting lifestyle during an early age in the mid-nineties, on a game show where contestants would have to predict the answers from seven children to random questions.  For the next couple of years she starred in small roles on the big and small screen before landing the guest-spot role of Sarah Tobin on the WB short-lived sitcom, “Greetings from Tucson”. Little did Sara know, it wouldn’t be her last time working with the network. For the next two years Sara appeared on everything from “Will & Grace”, “Malcolm in the Middle”, and “CSI: Miami” to Nickelodeon’s “Spongebob Squarepants” before landing the role of the mean but popular Stacie in the 2004 teen-oriented flick, “Sleepover”. [READ MORE]

Fall Style Spotlight: Shila

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We wanted to do a make-up feature on the coolest and most dramatic eye make-up when we came across Shila’s page on This 20 year-old Cali native has the most eye-catching make-up we’ve seen outside the most glamorous music videos and the high fashion catwalk. Read below to find out some of Shila’s tips on how you can achieve her look.



NAME: Shila
AGE: 20 years old
LOCATION: California
Make-up Tips: “I use a white eyeliner as a base to set bright colors like yellows and oranges. Other wise I use Shadestick in ‘Beiging’ ” by M.A.C. I usually use 3-4 colors when doing my eye make-up, it’s fun and to me make-up is my art.”
Favorites Colors To Use: Red & Purple

Aspirations: “I’ve never gone to makeup or cosmetology school. It’s just something I picked up on my own, and one day hope to start a make up line of my own.”

Where You Can Spot Her Work: Shila did the make-up for the bands Roses Are Red and Arizona-based band Scary Kids Scaring Kids for their latest music video shoots. She also does the make-up for the band Clearstatic on a regular basis. You can check out their Myspace here.

To see more of Shila’s awesome make-up styles, check out her Myspace @!


· M.A.C. shadestick $15 each in “Beigeing” | buy online
· M.A.C. eyeshadow $13.50 each in “Chrome Yellow”, “Goldmine”, “Electric Eel” | buy online
· M.A.C. powerpoint eye pencil $13.50 each in “Engraved” | buy online
· M.A.C. eye kohl $12 each in “Fascinating” | buy online
· M.A.C. zoom lash mascara $10 each in “Zoom Black” | buy online

Get To Know Natasha Bedingfield

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Get To Know Natasha BedingfieldNAME: Natasha Bedingfield
New Zealand
London, England

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Bedingfield? You’re probably wondering why that name sounds so familiar to you. Natasha is the younger sister of UK pop star Daniel Bedingfield, who achieved his own success overseas when he came onto the US music scene with his 2002 hits “Gotta Get Thru This” and “If You’re Not The One.” But, Natasha wants to make a name for herself, and with tracks like “If You’re Gonna,” “Stumble” and the title track off her album Unwritten (on Epic Records), that won’t be too hard for her. [READ MORE]

Meet the Boys of B5!

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Meet the Boys of B5!NAME: B5
AGE: Dustin (16), Kelly (15), Patrick (14), Carnell (13), Bryan (10)

FAMILY AFFAIR: Originally named the “TNT Boyz”, the group decided to change their name once younger brother, Bryan, joined in. While trying to think of a name the five brothers were constantly being compared to another group of five….the Jackson 5. Taking that into consideration they decided to call themselves B5, which stands for Breeding (the boys’ last name) Five .

BAD BOYS: After signing with executive producer Kevin Wales (World Wide Entertainment) in 2001, the boys’ of B5 where introduced to big-time superstar and head of Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs – who describes the talented bunch as “the group that fills a void in the music industry”. Right away, the Bad Boy family went to work… hooking the group up with some of the top producers in the industry, such as Rodney Jerkins (Michael Jackson, Brandy, Whitney), Ryan Leslie (Britney Spears, Carl Thomas), Sean Garrett (Usher, Ciara), Corn Boyz (Jagged Edge), Veit Renn (Backstreet Boys) and, of course, P. Diddy himself.

BROTHERLY LOVE: Just like any other family around, these five are the first to admit they do have their rough moments, but are an extremely close group of brothers. “We just argue about stupid stuff sometimes but that’s just brotherly love,” says Kelly.

WHAT’S NEXT?: With their first single “All I Do” (originally recorded by the Jackson Five and covered by Troop in 1990) heating up the charts and video all over BET and MTV, these boys are definitely headed for superstardom. Their debut album drops this Spring…with soon to be hits like “Nobody”, the catchy up-tempo “Dance 4 U”, and super sweet ballad “Teacher’s Pet.” “It’s about a boy liking a girl but then he finds out she’s his substitute teacher,” Patrick explains.

As if the wasn’t enough…. B5 hits the road this July in a town near you for Teen People’s RNS Tour.


– Chanelle Justice, May 2005

Introducing … Fefe Dobson

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Introducing ... Fefe DobsonShe’s not Avril, and she wants all of you to know that.

Hitting MTV and radio stations across North America this past holiday season is the newest artist from Island Records, Fefe Dobson. Her self-titled debut album is set to hit stores on December 9th, in support of the release will be a seven-city promotional tour.

Inspired by many different genres of music and artist range from Lionel Richie to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, Dobson put together all her influences to rock out while recording her first album. It was the artist that she grew up with where she pulled out most of her inspiration.

“In the booth where I was singing, I had inspirational posters up: Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, The Vines, Judy Garland, and of course, Nirvana. I felt like, they’ve done it, and now I’m doing it,” said Dobson.

Introducing ... Fefe Dobson

Dobson even co-produced the album along with Jay Levine from Left Hook Productions. Having known Levine for sometime, she says, “we wrote a song together within the first ten minutes of meeting each other. It was magic.”

As many of her idols did before her, Dobson has taken her personal experiences with family, friends and love to write this album. But according to her, working with Levine was one factor that made a huge difference in the way the album turned out.

“We’d play something on the guitar, then I’d play something on the piano, and the parts would vibe off each other. I’d just think about my life, and my experiences and start writing.”

Although her album will only be hitting stores this year, she nearly signed a record deal a few years ago in Canada, but decided against it. Dobson felt that she could round out her sound more with guitars and she set out to do just that. Now, she has the sound that she was looking for in her music.

“It’s a bunch of different influences, and different genres, pulled into one. Everything from Nirvana to Madonna. And it has a taste of Red Hot Chili Peppers in there too,” she says.

Besides the release of her album, Dobson is mostly looking forward to performing in front of crowds of newfound fans.

– Katherine Lacabe, March/April 2004

Mar/Apr 2004 Online IssueInside the Mar/Apr 2004 Online Issue












Playa Deception

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Playa DeceptionL-R: Jay, Donnie, Matt, & Steve

You’ve seen them on MTV’s “Becoming O-Town”, and heard about them all over New York, but allow us to formally introduce you to FANVASION’s ‘Summer Spotlight Artist’ — Playa Deception! These guys are incredibly sweet, good looking, and amazingly talented.

We got a chance to ask PD’s Matt LaPorte a few questions about their music and plans for the future, check out what he had to say!


Many people might recognize you from MTV’s Becoming when you performed as O-Town. What was that like for you guys?
That was an awesome experience for us and we learned a lot about being a group from it, but now we are moving out of that shadow and we have a whole new style and approach to the music industry.

So, how did Playa Deception come about?
Matt LaPorte: My brother Jay and I have been singing together for a long time for we decided to start recording music onto a computer until I met Donnie and Steve in high school about four years ago and we were all just four guys with the same dream.

Your name is very unique…how did you come up with it?
We feel that our style is different and we have a rap edge and we feel we can stay in the rap game, yet we also have the look and sound of a Pop/R&B group. So, it’s a ‘playas’ style, but on the other hand it is just a deception because we love making girls go weak in the knees with our “boy band” look.

Have you always been into music? What made you get into singing?
We have all loved music and been into music and singing from young ages. The influence of other groups and being able to change peoples life with the lyrics of our songs.

Which artist would you say has a big influence on you guys, individually or as a group?
As a group we would have to say O-Town & B2K, but individually ranges from artists like Eminem, 50 cent, Fabolous to Boys II Men.

You had your first show at the Downtown back in January, how was that for you?
That was a great experience for us to do what we love to do and perform for our fans but we hope to improve greatly in our upcoming shows.

Did you keep in touch with any of the acts who also performed on the show?
Yes, we do keep in touch with a couple of the groups that performed.

Can you tell us a little bit about the song “Shady”? Is there a story behind that?
We all sat around the piano one day and put our thoughts together and came up with it.

What process do you go through when writing a song?
Listening to a beat and writing down whatever comes to mind, or experiencing something in life and writing your feelings onto paper.

How does it feel to be on stage and have everyone enjoying and singing along to your music?
It is one of the best feelings in the world. We hope to go on tour and perform all around the world and influence people.

Out of all your songs, which is your favorite to perform live?
“My Wife”

Have you met any fans who have made a big impression on yo, yet?
We have all met really great fans, and we love you all. We have also received fan books made by some special fans. Thank you.

Is there a special message each of you would like to say to your fans?
Each of us would personally like to thank all of the fans that support us especially in these beginning stages. And we are doing what we love to do and working hard to come out with an album for all that have supported us. Thanks again, we love you all. Fate will find a way. We Got Next. Thank you to Fanvasion online magazine for putting us in this months Artist Spotlight. It means a lot.


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