Bandemonium Tour [5/25/08]

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Bandemonium Tour 2008V Factory, Menudo, NLT
Hosted by Mark & James

Revolution Live
Ft. Lauderdale, FL – May 25, 2008

If you’re not into boy bands you might not have known that May 2008 marked the very first Bandemonium Tour created by none other than super manager, Johnny Wright. The tour starting in Las Vegas and ending in Orlando brought together three fresh young groups NLT (Geffen/TUG), V Factory (Warner Bro. Records), and Menudo (Epic) for 16 concert dates. Wright’s newest act, a non-boy band duo by the name of Mark and James, hosted the show. The dynamic duo not only got to showcase their music skills, but their comedy chops as well. The easy-going pair opened the show with their anecdotes of tour antics and friendly one-liners. Mark and James gave the audience a taste of their Acoustic/Pop Rock sound with the heartfelt “Letting Go” followed by the edgier, up-tempo “As You Are,” during which James taps into his inner rock star, drops to his knees and jams on his electric guitar, playing to the group of screaming girls at front of the stage. [READ MORE]

Butch Walker And The-Lets-Go-Out-Tonites [7/28/06]

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Butch Walker & The-Let's-Go-Out-Tonites 7/28/06"Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed Tour"

Boston, MA – July 28, 2006

Taking the stage, the band kicked off their set with "Hot Girls in Good Moods," the lively opener from The Rise And Fall of… Butch Walker And The-Lets-Go-Out-Tonites, the album that inspired this tour. The tempo remained the same early on with performances of older songs such as "Maybe It’s Just Me" and "#1 Summer Jam," as well as a plethora of newer songs, such as "Ladies And Gentleman… ‘The-Lets-Go-Out-Tonites’," "Bethamphetine (Pretty Pretty)," and "Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed." While these early, high-powered performances gave the crowd plenty reason to dance and party, there were incredibly heartfelt renditions of The Rise And Fall of…’s grim "We’re All Going Down" and two anthemic ballads from Letters, "Mixtape" and "Don’t Move," that were incredible despite the change of pace. [READ MORE]

Angel & Airwaves [5/20/06]

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Angels & Airwaves 5/20/06The Avalon Ballroom
Boston, MA – May 20, 2006

"If you’re here and you’re all alone tonight,
Then I’ll give you a free ride.
Take a chance cause I know you want to"

Despite taking place prior to the May 23rd release of Angels & Airwaves’ debut album, entitled We Don’t Need To Whisper, the crowded Avalon Ballroom, for the most part, saw fans cohesively sing along with the headlining band, much to the delight of lead-singer Tom Delonge.

Between songs, whether commenting on unicorns and the magic that comes with believing in such mystical creatures, or how the ongoing war in Iraq has affected him and his family, DeLonge at times spoke with such charisma that the audience would become engulfed in his words. As the Angels & Airwaves headliner claimed to have great desire to change the world "from the inside-out" with his music, speaking with such conviction that one would be hard-pressed to doubt such a profound statement. [READ MORE]

Dashboard Confessional [4/8/06]

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Dashboard Confessional 4/8/06Matthews Arena
[Northeastern University]

Boston, MA – April 8, 2006

At least for one night, all seemed right in the world. As Dashboard Confessional took to the stage of Matthews Arena, headlining the annual Northeastern University Spring Fest concert, a sense of unity was felt throughout the room. How rare is it for a room full of strangers to feel so connected? After hours of waiting patiently for this performance, the audience sang along in unison with lead singer Chris Carabba as the band opened with "The Sharp Hint of New Tears."

This should be expected at any Dashboard Confessional show, audience singing along, song after song, at times taking over choruses and verses completely. Faulty? One could make an argument for that without hesitation, however the beauty of it is that this impact that the band has on its fans is what makes them stand out so much from all others. The performance is so incredible, and the lyrics so profound, that it would be unfortunate to not participate. [READ MORE]

The Click Five – BSB ‘Never Gone’ Tour [8/13/05]

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The Click Five 8/13/05"Never Gone Tour"
[opening for Backstreet Boys]

Tweeter Center @ the Waterfront
Camden, NJ – August 13, 2005

It felt like the hottest day of the year, my ears filled with screams from the mouths of young girls and boys, my eyes were blinded by lights and I was surrounded by security guards and crowds of people. I looked up from my seat and said to myself, "Wow .. do I love concerts or what?"

This wasn’t just any concert though, it was a Backstreet Boys show and anytime you’re at a concert for a boy band it’s very important to make sure you’ve done everything you’d have to do before you sit in your seat. Why’s that? Because if you ask someone to move to make room for you to get in and out of your aisle, be aware of the death stares you’ll receive. So, I sat down in my *very-close-to-the-stage* seat with friends, and got ready to watch the opening acts before BSB went on. Seventeen-year-old Kaci Brown wowed the crowd with her catchy tunes and off-the-wall energy until it was time for the Boston band the Click Five to take the stage to perform songs from their debut album, "Greetings From Imrie House." [READ MORE]

Green Day – American Idiot Tour [10/26/04]

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Green Day 10/26/04"American Idiot Tour"

Hershey’s Giant Center
Hershey, PA – October 26, 2004

Nearly a decade after Green Day (drummer, Tre Cool, bassist, Mike Dirnt, and lead singer/guitarist, Billie Joe Armstrong) dropped their first smash hit album "Dookie," they’re back on the scene, older, wiser, and a bit more political than fans are used to.

The three pioneers of punk pranksters dropped their seventh major label disc on September 21 2004. The guitar driven rock opera "American Idiot" takes place in a 7-11 parking lot, featuring characters like "St. Jimmy", "Whatsername," and the protagonist "Jesus of Suburbia." Fans will also be surprised to find an ending to the classic "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" in the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends." The fifty-seven minute punk rock operetta covers a wide range of topics like conformity (a Green Day favorite), the current war in Iraq, and finding your individuality in a society driven by reality television. [READ MORE]