Playa Deception

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Playa Deception (Jay, Donnie, Matt, and Steve)You’ve seen them on MTV’s Becoming O-Town, and heard about them all over New York…Playa Deception. These guys are incredibly sweet, good looking, and amazingly talented. We got a chance to ask them a few question, and even picked them as FM’s summer Spotlight — check ‘em out!
[L-R: Jay, Donnie, Matt, & Steve]

Many people might recognize you from MTV’s Becoming when you performed as O-Town. What was that like for you guys?
That was an awesome experience for us and we learned a lot about being a group from it, but now we are moving out of that shadow and we have a whole new style and approach to the music industry. [READ MORE]


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RyanJoyIf you live around Florida, then you’ve probably seen the face and heard the voice. RyanJoy the rising R&B/pop princess! Fanvasion got a chance to sit down and talk to her…check it out!

How are you doing?
Very good .. and you?
I’m good thanks!

What or who would you say pushed you in the direction of music?
A lot of things influenced me to pursue singing…I think it is in my blood, that’s all I was ever interested in when I was little, singing and dancing, watching videos, and concerts on TV. [READ MORE]

The Spill Canvas

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The Spill CanvasThe Spill Canvas is the brainchild of 19 year old Nick Thomas, a native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. His songs stem from emotion and transform late youth angst into brutally honest anthems… with guitar in hand. He speaks for a new generation through his art, while constructing anthems of brutally honest youthful angst. The Spill Canvas is intense, emotionally driven, acoustic guitar rock. Fans of Dashboard Confessional or John Mayer will appreciate Thomas’ work with The Spill Canvas. The debut album, Sunsets and Car Crashes, is slated for an October 21st release on 111 Records. The first single is the track, "The Tide". Heartache and sadness never sounded so alluring.

How did you come up with the name The Spill Canvas and why?
Well, it was a fairly chance discovery-There wasn’t a real, actual reason for choosing The Spill Canvas. But if I were to pick something that inspired it mildly, I’d have to say that it was this band called Braid, and I was listening to their album "Frame and Canvas"-and it sort of built off that. [READ MORE]

Stefy Rae

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STEFY (L-R: Jason Gaviati, Andreas Brobjer, Stefy Rae & Sean Meyer)STEFY is a band with the energy of No Doubt, and an incredibly sexy front woman, Stefy Rae, who combines the brashness of Pink and the commanding stage presence of Debbie Harry. Rae is bold and captivating as the focal point of the electro-infused rock band, STEFY.

Whether singing about moving on from a torrid relationship, getting over a boy who is as fake as Orange Crush, or lamenting about a pair of teens in Orange County who lose their innocence too early, Rae’s melodic voice has a subtle force, making it the only aspect of this band that isn’t totally in-your-face. [READ MORE]

Michael Stoney [Creator of DugLife]

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DugLifeYou’ve seen it on such celebrities as Tyrese, Justin Timerlake, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and 50 Cent. DugLife is the new HOT clothing line for men. Designed to be incredibly comfortable, yet fashionable at the same time. We recently talked with Michael Stoney the President for Dug to ask him a few questions about how the line came about and what we can expect in the future.

How and when did the idea for DugLife come about?
Dug was created in 1999 when a partner and myself decided to address a previously untapped market in men’s fashion. The idea was spawned from an unsuccessful shopping spree to outfit for a pajama/loungewear event. We wanted to create a "Victoria Secret" for men and base it on the times in life that men want to be the most comfortable. Our mission was, and continues to be, to redefine loungewear and lounge-time. Dug is the acronym for "down under gear". We intend to dress a man from the time he wakes up until he calls it a night. Dug-life is our web destination introducing the dug lifestyle where lounging is for everyone. [READ MORE]

Lindsay Wolfington [One Tree Hill Music Supervisor]

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If you’re a fan of One Tree Hill, then you’re familiar with the music of the show, and the woman responsible for it all is OTH Music Supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington.

We recently got a chance to chat with her and pick her brain about what it really takes to prepare the music for each episode, how to submit your music, and Volume 2 of the One Tree Hill Soundtrack.

How did you get involved with working on One Tree Hill?
I used to be a coordinator for 2 music supervisors (Jennifer Pyken & Madonna Wade-Reed) who worked on Smallville with Tollin/Robbins Production, the same production company that makes One Tree Hill. So when OTH came along, they hired us. And now the three of us have all started our own companies, but since I had worked really closely with OTH in particular, now I do the show by myself. [READ MORE]

Tyler Hilton

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Tyler HiltonHi Tyler! How are you today?
I’m doing good. I’ve got a bit of a holiday bug and it’s raining in LA, but that’s exciting actually.

Oh yeah we got a lot of that yesterday, rain then snow, then rain … all in the same day.
Whooo, that sounds dirty and messy.

I heard you were filming a video today?
Yeah, yeah we do Monday videos on our web thing and so we wouldn’t have to film ‘em on the holidays we kind of filmed three today. So, we can kind of have them to put up til the end of the year. [READ MORE]

Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers

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Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers [L-R: Kit Karlson, Stephen Kellogg, and Boots Factor]Stephen from the totally cool band, Stephen Kellogg and Sixers took some time out of the bands current tour to chat with us a little bit about their album, touring, Rock Boat, the response from new bands, and what happens to a band after they’ve been playing shows together for five years straight.

I first saw you guys when you were out on tour with Hanson this past spring. What was it like touring with those guys?
Touring with Hanson was great! I mean they’re great guys, and touring with them was cool. They’re good guys, they’ve got a passionate fan base and it was kind of amazing having watched them on TV as little boys and then kind of like seeing them and you know, being around them, working with them, writing and playing tunes together and stuff. It was cool. [READ MORE]

Frankie Zulferino [WOW]

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Frankie ZulferinoRockWorx Entertainment, the executive producer and manager that discovered and managed the career’s of Nick & Drew Lachey & 98 Degrees, launched the career of Jessica Simpson and has managed such artist as Shaggy, LL Cool J, C+C Music Factory, Montell Jordan and more is calling out all males, between 13-19 years old who have ever wanted to be in a world famous boy band and think they have what it takes….DANCING & SINGING….

Meet Frankie Zulferino, 18 years old from Staten Island, the first member picked to be in the "Ultimate Boy Band". Fanvasion got to speak with Frankie just hours after signing with RockWorx, so you could get to know this talented guy a little better. [READ MORE]

Colby O’Donis

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Colby O'DonisThe name on everybody’s lips is COLBY O’DONIS, and who can blame them when Colby’s first single, "What U Got", featuring Akon has been tearing up the charts? Often referred to as ColbyO — at the young age of 20, you would think Colby was just getting his feet wet in the industry, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

FV recently sat down to chat with the R&B singer about his start in music, his debut album, and working with Akon & New Kids on the Block!

Can you tell us more about your start in the industry?
You know I started when I was nine. Should I look at you? [Then points to camera] I’ll look at you; it’d be pretty weird if I looked at the camera. Well I started when I was nine. [Laughs] I’ll look at you. Take two. [READ MORE]

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