We’re Taken Away by Skyler and his Band of Thieves

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SkylerIf all of life were that great new music video you saw on YouTube, Skyler would have written the song, played all of the instruments, and directed the video.

From performing on imaginary stages during recess in the third grade, to becoming a multi-instrumentalist with a full-length album by the ninth grade, and now a up-n-comer to keep your eye. He’s got over 250 gigs under his belt, writes his own music, and just recently released his second EP, titled “Take You Away”.

Fanvasion caught up with Skyler on a rare day off to get to know him a little better and now you can too. Read our interview below, watch the video and if you haven’t already give Skyler a listen. [READ MORE]

Greg Raposo: His Musical Journey That Started with a Dream

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Greg RaposoIt’s been ten years since we last saw Greg Raposo — at that time Greg was touring the country with the boy band, Dream Street; which he had been a member of for nearly three years. Since then, Greg has released a solo record, played in several bands, and performed countless shows to a slew of new fans, and dedicated followers from his “DS days”.

These days Greg wants to use his musical talent and lend his voice to give back to the community, and those less fortunate. When we caught up with Greg backstage at the “Four Years. Go” benefit in New Jersey, he talked about his musical journey from Dream Street, to the music close to his heart, and what he’s into now.

Well, obviously it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you!
It has been! It’s so good to see you guys again.

How has your musical style changed since the "Dream Street" days?
Well, since Dream Street days, a big thing would be the fact that I didn’t write Dream Street music, I just sang it. I then started to write my own music, so that in itself is going to be a pretty big change. But then as my own music, because I’ve already been doing my own thing for a little while now, that’s changed a lot through the different people that I work with. [READ MORE]

V Factory

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V Factory [Jared Murillo, Wesley Quinn, Asher Book, Nathaniel Flatt & Nicky Teti]Jared, Wesley, Asher, Nathaniel, and Nicky T. of V Factory checked back in with FV to talk about their new album and answer your questions (some pretty hilarious)! Asher also filled us in a bit about his brand new movie, FAME, which hits theaters September 25th. [READ MORE]

One Call

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One Call [José Bordonada Collazo, Justin Thorne, AG Gamlieli & Christopher Moy]When news broke in April 2009 that NLT had officially split up, it wasn’t too long after we heard about the departure of members from Menudo — but no more than a month later fans worries were put at ease when Johnny Wright launched the new band ONE CALL featuring former Menudo members José Bordonada Collazo and Christopher Moy, along with Justin Thorne of NLT and newcomer Anthony ‘AG’ Gamlieli.

One Call has all the elements you love in a music group – great voices, smooth dance moves, catchy songs, and four heartthrob worthy boys. We caught up with Justin, Jose B., Chris, and AG on the day of their first live show at the NJ QuickChek Festival of Ballooning where they blew us away on stage! Psst: We think their song "Turn It Up" has radio hit potential. [READ MORE]

Varsity FanClub

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Varsity Fan Club [Bobby Edner, T.C. Carter, Jayk Purdy, Drew Ryan Scott, David Lei Brandt]We were the first magazine to interview the LA based Varsity FanClub and we caught up with them again this summer to talk about what they’ve been up to since our last chat, their new music, and the fresh face to the ‘Club’ — T.C. Carter. Sadly, Thomas Fiss left the group in June 2009. Check out our conversation with Jayk Purdy, Drew Ryan Scott, and T.C. — we think you’ll kinda love it. [READ MORE]


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Skyline [Erick Uphoff, Ryan Bradley, Shad Sager, Vartan Antonyan, Crespatrick De Los Reyes]What do you get when you mix a little pop, some R&B, and fresh melodies? West coast boy band, SKYLINE!

Vartan Antonyan, Ryan Bradley, Erick Uphoff, Crespatrick De Los Reyes, and Shad Sager make up this cool group from Cali who have been hitting the LA scene this year and working on their debut album. We caught up with the guys this summer as they dished about their musical inspirations, opening for Colby O’Donis, their first single "Not The Only One", and much more. [READ MORE]

Kim Sozzi

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Kim SozziDie-hard Dawson’s Creek fans may remember hearing Kim Sozzi’s ballad "Letting Go" on the first soundtrack for the show, but now you may be more familiar with her new dance hit "Feel Your Love" that has been in-demand on the club scene. We had a chance to catch up with the talented performer as she dished on her music, performing, and recognition for dance artists.

Hi Kim! How are you?
Hi Courtney, I’m good.

How did you get involved with pursuing a career in music?
Yeah, I’ve been singing since I would say about nine or ten years old. I put my first single out in 2000 on the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack, called “Letting Go” and it was on Columbia Records. It’s been a long journey, I’ve been on several labels and finally with “Feel Your Love” having my first Top 40 hit. [READ MORE]

Sissy Wish

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Sissy WishIsn’t always a refreshing thing to find new music? We think so and we can’t get enough of Norwegian songstress Siri Wålberg – aka – Sissy Wish. This super talented musician has a hauntingly beautiful voice with lyrics we think you’ll fall in love with. After releasing her debut EP in 2003 and later on her debut album, Sissy is gearing up for the release of her US debut Beauties Never Die.

Read on and get to know Sissy Wish…

You know I’d love to learn some about you. When did you get your start in music?
Alright, I kind of started when I was about six years old. Everything was because of feeling good, because my parents really wanted me to do something that had to do with music. So, they told to give me a clarinet and play in a school band. I realized that as long as with melodies out of it, I wanted to do it for like ten years or something. They allowed me to play piano at the same time so I have a lot to do with music. But, I didn’t make any songs until I was maybe sixteen years old. [READ MORE]

Susan Griffith

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Susan GriffithAre you ready for a New pop/R&B sensation? Susan Griffith is a shining young star who is about to to turn the music world around with her refreshing new blend of pop and R&B sounds. She’s 20 years old and ready to hit the charts!

Hi Susan, how are you?!
Wonderful, thanks.

So, can you tell us a bit about how you got into performing?
I’ve always had the desire to perform since I was 3 years old, everything else happened from there.

Which musical artist would you say have inspired you?
So many I can’t name them all, I love Mariah, Whitney, Elvis!, Michael, Celine. They are all very successful and talented. [READ MORE]


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O-Solo"What’s in a name? O-Solo has all the elements of emcee superstars before him: a striking voice, charisma and wit, effortless wordplay and flow, and songs that hit from Miami to Manhattan. When it comes to his sound and style, however, the Jersey rapper seeks no companion or comparison, no equal or precedent. In an industry where acts leap on the beaten path and exit just as quickly, that’s a good thing." – Gregory Johnson, writer (The Source, Spin, King, Complex, Oneworld, Vibe)

For those who haven’t heard of you can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m O-Solo…the Last Level of Rap (aka Kid chorus). I’m 23 years old from Irvington, New Jersey (Newark). Just prepare yourself for the Last Level. [READ MORE]

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