Nikki Cleary

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Nikki ClearyWe caught up with Brittney on-line, and got to chat for a little bit. We talked about fans, music, and more. So, read on and enjoy!

FV: So who are your musical influences?
Brittney Cleary:
Well…I am really into the Rock genre right now! My brother got me into Sevendust, Sublime, Linkin Park but I really like Shakira and Michelle Branch! I also love Britney Spear’s performance and her style!
FV (Courtney T.): I actually was listening to Linkin Parks new CD today…its pretty good
FV (Chanelle): That’s awesome! Courtney J. and T. are also into Britney and Shakira.
BC: *hehe* That’s funny that you have two friends named Courtney because I have two friends name Brittany.
FV (Chanelle): LoL! Yea I call them Courtney x2.
BC: haha!
FV (Courtney T.): lol yea it’s easier to people….they get us confused a lot.
BC: We just say "do you mean me Brittney…or her Brittany?"
FV (Courtney J.): haha [READ MORE]

Nikki Cleary

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Nikki ClearyIt’s been about a year since we last talked to Jive’s new rising star Nikki Cleary. Since then she’s been making hits such as "1,2,3" and her song with ex-Dream Streeter Chris Trousdale "You’re The One That I Want". We talked to Nikki about how it was working with Chris, what this last year has been like for her, and how she’s handling everything. Read on to see what she had to say.

Hey Nikki! How are you? It’s been a little over a year since the last time we talked to you. What has this past year been like for you?
Hey there!! Wow… this past year has been a whirlwind!! I signed with Jive Records …recorded an album…and now I’m on a national tour! Everything’s really coming together … I’m about to do my video!! Things are really starting to roll! It’s getting really exciting! [READ MORE]

Jessie Daniels

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Jessie DanielsLong Island native, Jessie Daniels is only sixteen – but, wow can this girl sing. Her cool down to earth personality will have your attention instantly caught, but her catchy, fun and positive music will have you hooked for good. She began her career in modeling and acting – but now, she’s here to share with you her true passion…. Music.

Hi Jessie! How are you?
Hey! I’m fine. Thanks for asking!

How did you get interested in music, and know that you wanted to become a singer?
Music has been my first love for as long as I can remember. However, I knew that I wanted to pursue music professionally when I realized that I have been blessed with a talent and that I should use my talent to touch hearts and have an impact on many lives. [READ MORE]

Angel Faith

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Angel FaithAngel is a sunny California girl whose magazine cover looks are surpassed only by volumes of talent. If she wasn’t so dedicated to being the best at everything she does, it would be easy to say that she’s just plain lucky. The former Jive recording artist (lead singer of her girl group No Secrets) definitely makes it look – and sound – effortless, whether she’s performing at charity events, working in the studio to complete her debut album on Midas Records, or working out the choreography to the songs she’s writing, Angel does it all with the grace and ease of a true star.

Hey Angel! How are you?
I’m good thanks!

What made you decide to leave No Secrets and go solo?
It was always my dream to be a solo artist and when all the problems started between management with No Secrets I figured it was a good time to go solo. I still treasure my time with No Secrets though because it was a great learning experience. [READ MORE]

Susan Griffith

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Susan GriffithAre you ready for a New pop/R&B sensation? Susan Griffith is a shining young star who is about to to turn the music world around with her refreshing new blend of pop and R&B sounds. She’s 20 years old and ready to hit the charts!

Hi Susan, how are you?!
Wonderful, thanks.

So, can you tell us a bit about how you got into performing?
I’ve always had the desire to perform since I was 3 years old, everything else happened from there.

Which musical artist would you say have inspired you?
So many I can’t name them all, I love Mariah, Whitney, Elvis!, Michael, Celine. They are all very successful and talented. [READ MORE]


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LaneyHey Laney! Why don’t we start up by introducing ourselves…I’m Chanelle…wha hey hey hey lol I’m Courtney J….first off I wanna say I love ur name, is it short for anything?… I’m Courtney T.
Hey Girls! Thanks Courtney J. Yes it is. My real name is Magdalena, and my mom nicknamed me Laney.

Oh, kool! That’s so pretty.
Laney: Thank you!
FV: Welcome

How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a singer?
It’s hard to pin point exactly *when* I realized I wanted to become a singer, because, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to become a singer. Music and performing is just who I am, it’s something I wanted to do from the very beginning. [READ MORE]


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LizYou’ve probably seen her all over the internet world, and we KNOW you’ve heard of her, because you guys voted her as your number 6 artist for 2002. So, why don’t you sit down and read what up-n-comer Liz had to tell us.

Hey Liz, how are you doing?
I’m doing pretty good, how about yourself?

For those out there who’ve never heard of you can you tells us a bit about yourself?
First off, my name is Liz and I’m fifteen years old. I’m from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. And, I sing, act, and model.

Who would say has been your biggest influence?
I’d have to say my dad. I’ve always looked up to him. [READ MORE]

Michael Stoney [Creator of DugLife]

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DugLifeYou’ve seen it on such celebrities as Tyrese, Justin Timerlake, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and 50 Cent. DugLife is the new HOT clothing line for men. Designed to be incredibly comfortable, yet fashionable at the same time. We recently talked with Michael Stoney the President for Dug to ask him a few questions about how the line came about and what we can expect in the future.

How and when did the idea for DugLife come about?
Dug was created in 1999 when a partner and myself decided to address a previously untapped market in men’s fashion. The idea was spawned from an unsuccessful shopping spree to outfit for a pajama/loungewear event. We wanted to create a "Victoria Secret" for men and base it on the times in life that men want to be the most comfortable. Our mission was, and continues to be, to redefine loungewear and lounge-time. Dug is the acronym for "down under gear". We intend to dress a man from the time he wakes up until he calls it a night. Dug-life is our web destination introducing the dug lifestyle where lounging is for everyone. [READ MORE]

Lindsay Wolfington [One Tree Hill Music Supervisor]

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If you’re a fan of One Tree Hill, then you’re familiar with the music of the show, and the woman responsible for it all is OTH Music Supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington.

We recently got a chance to chat with her and pick her brain about what it really takes to prepare the music for each episode, how to submit your music, and Volume 2 of the One Tree Hill Soundtrack.

How did you get involved with working on One Tree Hill?
I used to be a coordinator for 2 music supervisors (Jennifer Pyken & Madonna Wade-Reed) who worked on Smallville with Tollin/Robbins Production, the same production company that makes One Tree Hill. So when OTH came along, they hired us. And now the three of us have all started our own companies, but since I had worked really closely with OTH in particular, now I do the show by myself. [READ MORE]

Brett Claywell

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Brett ClaywellWe teamed up with blogtalkradio show "Brandon’s Buzz" for a unique radio event featuring actor Brett Claywell!

Best known for his five-year recurring role on the CW’s smash teen drama “One Tree Hill,” Claywell is now wreaking all kinds of havoc as crooked lab tech Kyle Lewis on ABC’s soap “One Life to Live,” and he stopped by the Buzz to discuss his burgeoning career and his time on a pair of television classics!


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