Halie Clark [3rd Faze]

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3rd Faze (Halie, Sara, Minia)We got a chance to talk with 3rd Faze’s Halie Clark. She talks about getting the name "3rd Faze", writing on the album, and what it was like to open for Dream Street. Read on and get the scoop.
[L-R: Halie Clark, Sara Marie Rauch, & Minia Corominas]

How did you choose the name 3rd Faze?
We were actually named by our fans! One of our producers (the one that started us) sent his daughter out with word that he was starting a new girl group and that they needed a name. So she and some other fans of ours came up with 3rd Faze. It makes a cool story, and I love it when our fans get creative!!!

How does it feel to have songs that you co-wrote on the album?
Well, we actually co-wrote two of our songs: "Boy You Gotta Go" and "Go Slow". And of course it feels awesome to be able to share your creativity and art with the world through your love (music). Being a new artist, I find it a blessing that we were even given this opportunity to write, and when the songs made the album I was just ecstatic…it was an answered prayer. [READ MORE]