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Skyline [Erick Uphoff, Ryan Bradley, Shad Sager, Vartan Antonyan, Crespatrick De Los Reyes]What do you get when you mix a little pop, some R&B, and fresh melodies? West coast boy band, SKYLINE!

Vartan Antonyan, Ryan Bradley, Erick Uphoff, Crespatrick De Los Reyes, and Shad Sager make up this cool group from Cali who have been hitting the LA scene this year and working on their debut album. We caught up with the guys this summer as they dished about their musical inspirations, opening for Colby O’Donis, their first single "Not The Only One", and much more. [READ MORE]


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Maddhouse [L-R: Kale, Adam, Jeremy, Alex & Tim]Just when you thought you had you fill of boy bands, we bring you a fresh and hot batch of guys to listen to – and stare at! That’s right, MADDHOUSE is a name you should remember because you’ll be buying tickets to their show later. We spoke with the boys – put names – about everything from the start of the group, their sound, their hobbies, what makes them tick, and what’s on the horizon for this crazy house of boys – we know you’re going to love them! [READ MORE]

Kim Sozzi

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Kim SozziDie-hard Dawson’s Creek fans may remember hearing Kim Sozzi’s ballad "Letting Go" on the first soundtrack for the show, but now you may be more familiar with her new dance hit "Feel Your Love" that has been in-demand on the club scene. We had a chance to catch up with the talented performer as she dished on her music, performing, and recognition for dance artists.

Hi Kim! How are you?
Hi Courtney, I’m good.

How did you get involved with pursuing a career in music?
Yeah, I’ve been singing since I would say about nine or ten years old. I put my first single out in 2000 on the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack, called “Letting Go” and it was on Columbia Records. It’s been a long journey, I’ve been on several labels and finally with “Feel Your Love” having my first Top 40 hit. [READ MORE]

Sissy Wish

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Sissy WishIsn’t always a refreshing thing to find new music? We think so and we can’t get enough of Norwegian songstress Siri Wålberg – aka – Sissy Wish. This super talented musician has a hauntingly beautiful voice with lyrics we think you’ll fall in love with. After releasing her debut EP in 2003 and later on her debut album, Sissy is gearing up for the release of her US debut Beauties Never Die.

Read on and get to know Sissy Wish…

You know I’d love to learn some about you. When did you get your start in music?
Alright, I kind of started when I was about six years old. Everything was because of feeling good, because my parents really wanted me to do something that had to do with music. So, they told to give me a clarinet and play in a school band. I realized that as long as with melodies out of it, I wanted to do it for like ten years or something. They allowed me to play piano at the same time so I have a lot to do with music. But, I didn’t make any songs until I was maybe sixteen years old. [READ MORE]

Elio Acosta

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Elio AcostaHe’s ultra hot, and multi-talented new up-n-comer singer. Elio Acosta has amazing sounds that are sure to be a hit, with tons of comparisons to Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Enrique Iglesias. Check out our interview below for more.

Hi Elio, how are you? Can you tell us a bit about yourself for those who don’t know?
I’m good thank you. Sure, I’m a singer originally from San Francisco of Latin and Asian descent currently living in Los Angeles.

When did you realize you wanted to be in entertainment?
I realized I first wanted to be in entertainment when I was about 8 years old. My church choir went to another church about an hour and a half away to perform in front of 100 people. I loved the feeling of traveling and performing in front of big crowds and was hooked ever since. [READ MORE]

Darryl Blackman

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Darryl BlackmanIf you don’t recognize his face, you’ve definitely seen his moves. He’s Darryl Blackman "DBlack" choreographer to the stars. He’s choreographed moves for O-Town, Aaron Carter, LFO, Take 5, and C-Note. Now he’s recording his own album, and taking on not only the dance world.

Hi DBlack, how are you doing?
I’m fine, just waiting for my time to shine….patiently.

How did you get started in dancing?
I started when I was about 14 dancing in musicals in Chicago.

What was your very first big job dancing?
I guess you could say my first big job was dancing and singing on a cruise ship. I had big jobs before that but this one got me to see more of the world and brought me to Orlando. [READ MORE]

Bryan Chan

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Bryan ChanYou’ve seen him as a finalist on the show ‘Making the Band’ and as one third of the group LMNT, now he’s branching off into his own solo career. Recently we got a chance to chat with him about what the experience has been like recording on his own, what his goals are, and more.

Hi Bryan, how are you? Doing good I hope.
I’m great..thanks for asking.

What made you decide to go solo after the break from LMNT?
I think we were all ready to spread our wings a little bit. We’ve been working, touring and recording together for over three years. We’ve all grown as musicians and our tastes have all kind of changed as well. This is going to give us all an opportunity to try something new. [READ MORE]

Nikki Cleary

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Nikki ClearyWe caught up with Brittney on-line, and got to chat for a little bit. We talked about fans, music, and more. So, read on and enjoy!

FV: So who are your musical influences?
Brittney Cleary:
Well…I am really into the Rock genre right now! My brother got me into Sevendust, Sublime, Linkin Park but I really like Shakira and Michelle Branch! I also love Britney Spear’s performance and her style!
FV (Courtney T.): I actually was listening to Linkin Parks new CD today…its pretty good
FV (Chanelle): That’s awesome! Courtney J. and T. are also into Britney and Shakira.
BC: *hehe* That’s funny that you have two friends named Courtney because I have two friends name Brittany.
FV (Chanelle): LoL! Yea I call them Courtney x2.
BC: haha!
FV (Courtney T.): lol yea it’s easier to people….they get us confused a lot.
BC: We just say "do you mean me Brittney…or her Brittany?"
FV (Courtney J.): haha [READ MORE]

Nikki Cleary

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Nikki ClearyIt’s been about a year since we last talked to Jive’s new rising star Nikki Cleary. Since then she’s been making hits such as "1,2,3" and her song with ex-Dream Streeter Chris Trousdale "You’re The One That I Want". We talked to Nikki about how it was working with Chris, what this last year has been like for her, and how she’s handling everything. Read on to see what she had to say.

Hey Nikki! How are you? It’s been a little over a year since the last time we talked to you. What has this past year been like for you?
Hey there!! Wow… this past year has been a whirlwind!! I signed with Jive Records …recorded an album…and now I’m on a national tour! Everything’s really coming together … I’m about to do my video!! Things are really starting to roll! It’s getting really exciting! [READ MORE]

Jessie Daniels

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Jessie DanielsLong Island native, Jessie Daniels is only sixteen – but, wow can this girl sing. Her cool down to earth personality will have your attention instantly caught, but her catchy, fun and positive music will have you hooked for good. She began her career in modeling and acting – but now, she’s here to share with you her true passion…. Music.

Hi Jessie! How are you?
Hey! I’m fine. Thanks for asking!

How did you get interested in music, and know that you wanted to become a singer?
Music has been my first love for as long as I can remember. However, I knew that I wanted to pursue music professionally when I realized that I have been blessed with a talent and that I should use my talent to touch hearts and have an impact on many lives. [READ MORE]

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