Ashley Tisdale … Her Love Life, New Album & HSM2

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Ashley Tisdale … Her Love Life, New Album & HSM2Ever since her breakout role in Disney’s High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale has turned herself into not only a household name – but, a burgeoning ‘Pop Princess.’’ With Britney Spears causing a scene in the media for all the wrong reasons, Ashley is rising to be the newest ideal icon for young girls.

The actress currently splits her work time between reading scripts, a concert tour with her HSM co-stars, filming episodes of the Disney Channel original series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and preparing to promote the release of her debut album, Headstrong. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that she’s also a 21 year-old girl who loves to shop and hang out with her friends when she she’s home in Los Angeles, California. [READ MORE]

2Much: Their Sound is Blazin’

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2Much: Their Sound is Blazin’NAME: 2Much
AGES: Chris Cheeks (15), Myles Cleveland (15), Milo Stokes (16), Marcel Wildy (17)
HOMETOWN: Chris, Milo, and Marcel grew up in Los Angeles, whereas Myles hails from Connecticut.

THE MISSING LINK: 2Much began with three young boys, childhood friends (Milo, Marcel, and Chris) who dreamed of making their stardom dreams a reality. Who would have thought it would only take a year? Milo, the son of Chris Stokes, who just so happens to be the writer/director of 2004′s “You Got Served” and CEO of the music and entertainment group T.U.G. (The Ultimate Group) and his three friends got the chance of a lifetime after touring with Milo’s cousin, R&B singer Omarion and his group B2K. [READ MORE]

One Tree Hill: Friends with Benefit

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One Tree Hill: Friends with BenefitI arrived at the FYE record store in New York City on February 7th to witness crowds of screaming girls (and some guys) surrounding the entrance of the store.. why was this going on you ask? Oh, nothing much – just cast members from one of the hottest shows on television were there to meet and greet with fans while they promoted the release of their TV soundtrack with a message.

Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush and Maverick recording artist/actor Tyler Hilton from the show One Tree Hill made the first stop on their Sunkist soda sponsored Friends With Benefit Tour.

The Friends With Benefit Tour is a 5-city tour in which cast members of the WB’s One Tree Hill sign autographs for their millions of adoring fans who’ve purchased the shows second various artist compilation album also titled “Friends With Benefit.” We caught up with Sophia who plays the popular cheerleader “Brooke Davis”, to ask her more about the event. “We’re also selling t-shirts, the proceeds from that go completely to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So, we’re really just trying to be champions for the disease. Really raise awareness among teenagers,” she said. [READ MORE]

Sara Paxton, From the Small Screen to ‘Aquamarine’

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Sara Paxton, From the Small Screen to ‘Aquamarine’NAME: Sara Paxton
AGE: 17
BIRTHPLACE:Woodland Hills, California

BREAK OUT ROLE: Playing party girl, Sarah Borden and steaming up the screen with Jesse McCartney on The WB’s “Summerland”.

HER EARLY START: Sara made her way into the acting lifestyle during an early age in the mid-nineties, on a game show where contestants would have to predict the answers from seven children to random questions.  For the next couple of years she starred in small roles on the big and small screen before landing the guest-spot role of Sarah Tobin on the WB short-lived sitcom, “Greetings from Tucson”. Little did Sara know, it wouldn’t be her last time working with the network. For the next two years Sara appeared on everything from “Will & Grace”, “Malcolm in the Middle”, and “CSI: Miami” to Nickelodeon’s “Spongebob Squarepants” before landing the role of the mean but popular Stacie in the 2004 teen-oriented flick, “Sleepover”. [READ MORE]

Pussycat Dolls, They’re the Cats Meow

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Pussycat Dolls, They’re the Cats MeowIt doesn’t matter if you turn on your radio or flip on your TV — these days all you’re hearing about is the buzz surrounding Las Vegas native burlesque troupe turned sexy female music group – The Pussycat Dolls and their hit song, “Don’t Cha”.  In fact, you can’t even shop at your local favorite t-shirt shop without being tempted to purchase that super-cute “Don’t Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot like Me” baby-doll t-shirt.


Okay, so now that we’ve discussed what you already know, let me tell you a little bit more about the ladies of PCD and how they came together to pick up where the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child left off… in being the hottest female music group on the scene that is. [READ MORE]

America’s New Favorite Band – Fall Out Boy!

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America’s New Favorite Band – Fall Out Boy!Chicago natives Fall Out Boy (L-R — drummer Andy Hurley, bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz, lead singer/guitarist Patrick Stumph and guitarist Joe Trohman) formed their band a little over four years ago, and in doing so began a journey to becoming 2005′s hottest (excuse the cliché) “boy band.” Of course they don’t sport matching outfits and dance around to choreographed songs, but they are of the male gender and they are a band.. so please avoid the hate mail for that comment.

The music isn’t straight pop, nor is it full-on punk.. but it does include elements of both genres. Don’t let that confuse you though, they don’t want to be thought of as a “pop-punk band,” but they’re not emo either just because they express their feelings very vividly.. then again, what real songwriter doesn’t? [READ MORE]

Get To Know Natasha Bedingfield

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Get To Know Natasha BedingfieldNAME: Natasha Bedingfield
New Zealand
London, England

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Bedingfield? You’re probably wondering why that name sounds so familiar to you. Natasha is the younger sister of UK pop star Daniel Bedingfield, who achieved his own success overseas when he came onto the US music scene with his 2002 hits “Gotta Get Thru This” and “If You’re Not The One.” But, Natasha wants to make a name for herself, and with tracks like “If You’re Gonna,” “Stumble” and the title track off her album Unwritten (on Epic Records), that won’t be too hard for her. [READ MORE]

Meet the Boys of B5!

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Meet the Boys of B5!NAME: B5
AGE: Dustin (16), Kelly (15), Patrick (14), Carnell (13), Bryan (10)

FAMILY AFFAIR: Originally named the “TNT Boyz”, the group decided to change their name once younger brother, Bryan, joined in. While trying to think of a name the five brothers were constantly being compared to another group of five….the Jackson 5. Taking that into consideration they decided to call themselves B5, which stands for Breeding (the boys’ last name) Five . [READ MORE]

Running Home 4 Teens

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Running Home 4 TeensWhen the series “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” first premiered on MTV, audience’s general impression was simply camera’s documenting the lavish lives and outlandish spending habits of nine spoiled rich teenagers. Little did the public realize there was a diamond in the rough, one teenager that would take his fame and use it for the better.

Dieter Schmitz, 19, decided after Laguna Beach wrapped its first season to make an attempt at taking the show’s immense popularity by helping out some of its viewers. As a freshman at San Diego State University, Dieter founded an organization called Running Home 4 Teens. [READ MORE]

Paris Hilton: What Makes Her So Hot?

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Paris Hilton: What Makes Her So Hot?It’s very rare that you can turn on the television, radio or even flip through a magazine without seeing something on hotel heiress turned model–reality TV star–fashion designer–perfumer–actress & songstress Paris Hilton! At only 24 years old, Ms. Hilton is already a tabloid queen.

As the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton hotels and the major source of the family’s estimated $300 million dollar empire; Paris and younger sister Nicky share the throne as the Hilton heiresses — and although they had a much privileged upbringing, Paris has been able to shy as much as possible away from her famous last name and make one all for herself.“I don’t want to be known as the granddaughter of the Hilton’s. I want to be known as Paris,” she said. [READ MORE]

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