Who is Kristinia DeBarge?

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Who is Kristinia DeBarge?WHO IS KRISTINIA?
Pasadena, California native Kristinia DeBarge (pronounced: Kris-ti-neé-a), has been burning up on the radio with her relationship kiss-off first single “Goodbye”. The song, which features samples from Steam’s 1969 hit song “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Goodbye”, has been in heavy rotation on radio stations across the US and has been used for a popular Nivea commercial ad in 2009.

The young singer just released her debut album on Sodapop Music, the newest division of Island Def Jam Music, working with some of the hottest producers in the biz, including OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder and Babyface. Her debut features radio hit “Goodbye”, as well as her second single “Sabotage” and “Future Love”; which was previously released by boy band Varisty Fanclub. This August, Kristinia will join Britney Spears’ Circus Tour as an opening act along with Ciara. [READ MORE]

Selena Gomez … Disney’s Rising Superstar!

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Selena Gomez … Disney’s Rising Superstar!NAME: Selena Gomez
BIRTHDATE: July 22, 1992 (That makes her Sweet 16!)
HOMETOWN: Grand Prairie, TX

SELENA, BARNEY, DEMI & FRIENDS: Selena Marie Gomez was born in New York City to Mandy Cornet and Ricardo Gomez. At a very young age she tried her hand at acting and met her best friend Demi Lovato while starring on the popular children’s show, Barney & Friends — and the two have been inseparable ever since. While Selena has been achieving fame on Wizards of Waverly Place, Demi was rocking out in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock. You can often find the girls hanging out on the Jonas Brothers’ “Burning Up” tour where Demi is the opening act and Selena is supporting her friends (and rumored beau, Nick). In recent months the girls got to spend even more time together when they shot their upcoming Disney Channel film The Princess Protection Program which is slated for a January 2009 release. [READ MORE]

Jaffar Smith: The Man Behind the Moves

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Jaffar Smith: The Man Behind the MovesNAME: Jaffar Smith
AGE: 28

Male vocal and dance groups are known for putting on a flashy live performances and breaking out some killer dance routines in their music videos, but you know behind every great artist there’s a dance coach who provides them with the moves to bust.

We caught up with Jaffar Smith, choreographer for Warner Bros. recording artist, VFactory (and our new friend!) during their 26-city nation-wide Bandemonium Tour last month to get the details on his start in dance and working with the guys. [READ MORE]

Leona Lewis – You’re Gonna ‘Love’ Her

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Leona Lewis – You’re Gonna ‘Love’ HerNAME: Leona Lewis
AGE: 21
BIRTHPLACE: Islington, London, England
HOMETOWN: London, England

MUSICAL STRUGGLES: Leona Louise Lewis was driven to music at a young age when her parents sent her to the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, she wrote her first song at the age of twelve and after many years of schooling, Leona worked constantly to get her into various recording studios to ful-fill her passion of music. Working odd jobs, Leona recoded a number of tracks for her never-to-be-released demo album, Twilight. After many years and auditions to record labels, Leona almost gave up until a opportunity suggested by her boyfriend would lead her to becoming a break-out star. [READ MORE]

High School Musical Returns – and It’s Better Than Ever!

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The whole crew returns in the sequel to Disney mega-hit… no wait, phenomenal original movie High School Musical! Since the first films premiere in January of 2006, HSM has not only become a household name, it’s practically taken over the hearts of pre-teens and young adults all over the world!

In High School Musical 2, the movie takes your favorite East High Wildcats to where? SUMMER VACATION! Of course it wouldn’t be High School Musical without high-stepping, powerhouse musical numbers such as the films opener, “What Time Is It?”  [READ MORE]

OneRepublic: MySpace Hit-Makers

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OneRepublic: MySpace Hit-MakersNAME: OneRepublic
MEMBERS: Ryan Tedder (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Piano), Zach Filkins (Guitar/Vocals), Drew Brown (Guitar), Eddie Fisher (Drums) and Brent Kutzle (Bass/Cello/Vocals)
HOMETOWN: The band was formed in Colorado in the year 2004.

IN TUNE: The pop/rock band, OneRepublic has been taking the world by storm and when you hear their album, you’ll understand why. What sets them apart from a lot of the bands on the charts these days is the strength of frustration, devotion and love in their music which is infused with melodic tones, catchy lyrics and definite emotion. “The songs touch on things like feeling unsettled with where you’re at in life, lack of hope, and frustration… they have a lot to do with my own journey, as well as those around me; they’re about times when I’ve felt stuck, far away from where I wanted or intended to be,” says lead singer, Ryan Tedder. “Hopefully people can relate to the things we touch on, and hopefully we get them singing.” [READ MORE]

4-1-1 On the Hot New Group, NLT!

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4-1-1 On the Hot New Group, NLT!NAME: NLT
AGE: JJ (18), Kevin (19), Travis (18), V (19)
HOMETOWN: JJ and V grew up in California while Travis and Kevin hail from Texas.

HOW THEY MET: Growing up in Los Angeles, V spent most of his time at his family’s “Synthesis” dance studio. It was a regular thing to see anyone from Christina Aguilera to former boy-band, B2K. In 2002, after pestering the groups producer, Chris Stokes – V was told if he could get a group together, he’d give them a listen. In came JJ, an acquaintance of V’s whom he worked with on an instructional dance video. Ironically, JJ had already worked with B2K, having danced in one of their earlier music videos. [READ MORE]

You Know Her as ‘Hannah Montana’ – Meet Miley

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You Know Her as 'Hannah Montana' - Meet MileyNAME: Miley Cyrus
AGE: 14
HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN

MUSICAL ROOTS: Born as Destiny Hope Cyrus, Miley earned her nickname “Smiley” from her father who said, as a baby she was always smiling — it was later shortened to “Miley”. The daughter of Leticia “Tish” Cyrus and country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley grew up on a farm right outside of her families home in Nashville. Music was always a huge part of her family life with her dad on the road and her five brothers and sisters singing and playing instruments in the house. Seeing her father’s life in showbiz, Miley wanted to follow in his footsteps. [READ MORE]

James Lafferty & One Tree Hill Charity Basketball Game

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James Lafferty & One Tree Hill Charity Basketball GameEvery year fans of the hit CW television drama, One Tree Hill meet up in Wilmington, North Carolina to take part in the annual charity basketball game hosted by one of the shows stars, James Lafferty. On March 24, 2007 – Fanvasion made the trip out to the small town, where the show is filmed to take in the festivities! When we arrived that morning, we already witnessed swarms of people all waiting outside the Cape Fear Community College: Schwartz Center for the doors to open and the fun to begin, we could already feel the adrenaline that would soon be pumping through the basketball gym.

As the crowd moved in and found spots on the shiny bleachers, the Tree Hill Ravens (who are the fictional basketball team from the show) began to warm up for the big game against Cape Fear’s home team. If you didn’t have ear plugs, you would’ve needed them when the squeals overcame the gym as soon as James took to the court to shoot a couple of pre-game rounds. [READ MORE]

Rockin’ Out with Everlife

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Rockin’ Out with EverlifeNAME: Everlife
MEMBERS: Amber, Sarah and Julia Ross

EARLY STAGES: Inspired by early rock ‘n’ roll from the 50′s and 60′s that their mother always listened to, sisters Amber, Sarah and Julia Ross, who are self-taught musicians and song-writers began creating a collection of original music and practiced harmonies everyday. Sarah took to the drums, while Amber strummed the guitar and Julia played melodies on her piano. Determined to take their music out of their hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania and play it for the world, the girls named themselves Everlife and set out to play their music for anyone who would listen. [READ MORE]

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