is an on-line magazine, operating since December 27th, 2001 and is now part of The Cournell Group. encourages and engages fan interaction by bringing our visitors what they want to see, hear and read relating to music, style, culture, media, film, and innovative thought. For years, has been committed to delivering authentic and credible news, stories and interviews about the music artists in the spotlight, keeping the focus on “what the fans want”.


Read the editors story of how Fanvasion came to be… let’s just start at the beginning…

All of our lives we have been involved with music; which was highly influenced in our family. We grew up in the early 90’s, where music seemed to be at its highest with TLC, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, New Edition, Hanson and many more – we enjoyed going to the nearest roller rink to dance to the latest tunes.

In the fall of 2000, we decided that we wanted to work in the music biz and we took it seriously. We created an online weekly newsletter for an upcoming local band; but we didn’t realize how it was growing with hundreds of new members each week; this not only helped us, but gained popularity to the already soaring group. By the summer of 2001 we were determined to move forward with the idea of creating our own magazine, where we would promote new groups. We already had a tremendous love for music, we were skilled in web design and we knew “how” to promote new artists. It was a thought that had always been in our minds and after laying the groundwork, it was time to launch our magazine… but what would we call it?

One night, as we were listening to the new Britney Spears album we thought we had the name … we would call it “Bombastic Magazine?” But then we looked up Bombastic, and learned that it actually means “meaningless”. Now, what would be the point of a magazine that was called meaningless?

We needed a title with meaning and something that would sound fresh and new. That’s when we thought of Invasion Magazine, since we wanted a magazine that would totally be for the fans and how much they have to do with music. We brought the idea to our mother, and she suggested combining words that meant something to the idea, and we created Fanvasion; for “fans” to “invade” the music. In the winter of 2001, Fanvasion was established as a real business and we launched the site. We could hardly believe it ourselves… at 14 and 16, we were running our own magazine!

Fanvasion continues to grow each day; we are continuously adding more interviews, more news and definitely more visitors. Today, Fanvasion reaches into the conversation by engaging users in a dialog about music, movies or the hot topic. Fanvasion has become a huge part of our lives, it takes time, effort, passion and hard work… and it’s all worth it.


xoxo – Chanelle & Courtney Justice
FV Editors


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