Sometimes I feel like “One Tree Hill” fans are privileged fans. Our show made headlines in 2007 when it decided to jump forward four years into the future and skip over “the college years”, after the Tree Hill gang graduated high school that fourth season.

When the show picked back up for its fifth year — and four years later, the storylines were different, the characters looked and acted different, but it was still our show; it was just basically a “sequel” of sorts. With that said, I look at the final song of season four (episode #4.21, “All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone”) as somewhat of a “first finale” song.

This is a show that started with two brothers that grew up differently; they didn’t get along and came from cliques at school that didn’t get along either. It was a series where these cliques graduated and spent their final night as Tree Hill High seniors as friends, laughing, goofing off and playing a game of basketball down at the rivercourt. So I love that the Pilot episode ended with the brothers squaring off at the Rivercourt in a basketball game of anger; a game that resulted in Lucas getting his place on the Tree Hill Ravens and Nathan having to suck it up. But, the fourth season ended with them playing the same game just for fun… as friends… as brothers.

The song that accompanied this slowed down scene was “Within You” by Ray LaMontagne.

All the while, their father, Dan Scott, who kept them apart to begin with, had just confessed to murdering his brother and attempted to end his own life in his jail cell.

This is more than just a musical memory for me; this was just a major moment in the history of “One Tree Hill” and a scene I was fortunate to be able to witness being filmed.

It will always be one of my favorite scenes, and I encourage you to take a listen and relive it with me.


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