This could have been the last song we ever heard on “One Tree Hill”.

When “One Tree Hill” went on location to Park City, Utah to film the final episode of season seven (episode
#7.22 “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You”), we thought it was going to be the last time they all stepped on set.

To celebrate the possible ending of our beloved show, creator and executive producer, Mark Schwahn teamed up with musicians to form a one-time band that had all been a part of OTH at one point or another; Matthew Ryan, Courtney Jaye, Michael Grubbs of WAKEY!WAKEY! Also, Dallas Green of City and Colour, and they created the track “Carry You Home”, under the name Nashville Skyline to play during the last moments.

I love the way that this song was used; there were elements that reminded me of the fourth season finale; to see all of the drama and sadness from past episodes pushed away, and just watch our favorite characters having fun. The time before had them playing basketball at the Rivercourt, and this time around they had snow ball fights and went sledding down the winter white mountains of Utah. Oh, and Brooke Davis totally got engaged to Julian Baker.

The emotional lyrics, soft beats and soothing vocals were all staples when it comes to the music if OTH, and Nashville Skyline nailed it… of course they did. This song was also a great segue from happiness to classic “OTH drama”. And when the song ended, gun shots — aimed at two main characters, went off… of course it did.


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