I was never a fan of the relationship between Lucas and Lindsey in season five, so there was no love lost for me when their wedding didn’t work out in the 100th episode of “One Tree Hill” — Not at all. In fact, I may have fist-pumped.

Episode 5×12 entitled “Hundred” wasn’t just about broken wedding bells; it was also the episode Dan saved Jamie from that psycho Nanny Carrie after he was kidnapped from the church; crazy nanny, indeed.

The song that played during the CODA was probably one of my favorite moments during the show. It’s interesting that when some of the most dramatic scenes take place I can’t help but think “I need to download this song to my iTunes playlist”. That was the case here with “Apologies” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

I love how well this song fit both Lucas pleading with Lindsey to stay with him, Dan making sure freaky Nanny Carrie understood his threat to stay away from Jamie, and of course, Dan’s eyes asking for forgiveness, but not expecting it, when he returned Jamie to his family.

This song would typically be used for a break-up scenes, and while it did play a part in one for this episode, it wasn’t all about that. It was nice to see “One Tree Hill” use it in a different way… It was definitely a great choice to cap off the momentous episode.


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