I believe there was a collective gasp of pure ‘awe’ from Leyton fans all over when the Tree Hill Ravens won the State Championship in ninth episode of the fourth season from “One Tree Hill”.

After over two seasons of waiting, the couple we fell in love with in the Pilot episode reunited in a swirling heap of confetti, happiness… and “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez.

Peyton asked Lucas in the first episode of that season who he wanted standing next to him when all of his dreams came true — the heartbroken guy was quick to say “Brooke” after recently being dumped by her. It wasn’t until he had his high school dream come true, after he made that winning basket, that he realized it had always been Peyton that he wanted next to him.

Duh, we could have told you that Luke!

We know how this story ends. The wedding bells, the baby and the ride off into the sunset where they left the show together. But, let’s be real, it’s nice to go back to this moment of teenage bliss when they had their whole lives ahead of them, before their momentary separation, and another woman threatened to keep Lucas and Peyton apart for good. Damn you, Lindsey! Just kidding.


I’ll never forget this moment in One Tree Hill history and I’ll always love this song. It obviously really stood out to the producers as well; in Season 5 — during a flashback episode — Lucas listened to the song on the bus, after leaving an away game, when Peyton sent it directly to his iPhone.

See — it’s even a memorable song for Leyton!

Relive the moment with us now and go listen to “Heartbeats” now.


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