As you know, there have been many times the last nine seasons where Bethany Joy Galeotti has performed on “One Tree Hill“. In the first season, Joy introduced the vocal ability of her character Haley James Scott, and over the years we’ve watched Haley grow from a singer in the privacy of her own home (or Karen’s Cafe), to a local talent, a national touring upcoming star with a song on the charts — and back again.

Joy has mostly performed love ballads or mid-tempo melodies, but in season three we got the only glimpse there would ever be of a bona fide popstar in Mrs. James Scott.

Who can forget the song Chris Keller produced in the studio with Haley — with actual encouragement from Nathan when their marriage was on the fence? “Halo” was a hit with OTH fans; I know we loved it something fierce over here at

It was a song that, at the time, seriously deserved some airplay on the radio as it was added to the list of tracks on the second OTH soundtrack, Vol. 2 “Friends with Benefit”. The lyrics were good, the melody was up-beat, and Joy sounded great!

It was such a treat to see her perform it in episode 3.15 “Just Watch the Fireworks” alongside two of my favorite bands as a teenager — Fall Out Boy and Jack’s Mannequin.

To this day, Season 3 is still one of my favorites in “One Tree Hill” history and I can’t imagine talking a walk down memory lane and not including one of Haley’s biggest hits in the series.

There are so many songs from Season 3 that stick out in my memory, but sadly we only have thirteen weeks to reminisce as our show comes to a close. I’m sure you could agree that “Halo” was truly a memorable one for any OTH fan.


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