So far, there have been eight season finales of “One Tree Hill”, and in those eight finales, I can’t think of one song that stood out more to me than the ending track from season two — “Lavinia” by The Veils.

Now, that’s not to say there haven’t been some incredible songs, because there definitely have been, but none of them give me chills as much as the haunting vocals on this incredible piece of music.

Let’s not forget that this particular season finale set in motion one of the biggest story-lines of “One Tree Hill” history.

As flames engulfed Dan Scott Motors, we totally had a “whodunit” on our hands. This effort to take out Dan controlled season three, lead to the murder of Keith and egged on Deb’s downhill spiral with depression and pill-popping. Not to mention the citizens of Tree Hill and the Scott family have never looked at Dan the same way again… and it all began with the scene in which featured this perfect song as theme.

To this day I can’t hear the soft piano keys and the gritty voice of lead singer Finn Andrews without instantly being put back into the moment of how I felt the first time I saw the final episode of season two.

And can we talk about how perfect it fit with Lucas’ voice-over? Fun fact: This was the last season finale for the show in which Lucas did a full voice-over. The second and last time they did one was for season six and he shared it with the rest of the characters.




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