Over the past several months there have been rumors about who would play Snow White in the Universal Pictures fairy tale update (with a badass twist), Snow White and the Hunstman. Charlize Theron and Viggo Mortensen were already attached to the Rupert Sanders-directed film, but the “fairest of them all” actress was still up for debate. Would it be a reigning Hollywood starlet or a fresh face? The wait is over according to co-producer Palak Patel who said via Twitter that Twilight star Kristen Stewart has been cast for the part of the beloved character.

In the re-imagining tale of “Snow White” from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, a beautiful 18-year-old princess named Snow White (Stewart) who spends her days with her animal friends is envied from afar by the Evil Queen named Ravenna (Theron). When Ravenna seeks out to murder Snow White, the young girl is captured by a huntsman by the name of Eric (Mortensen) who trains her to fend for herself against the evil creatures that lurk in the forest.  Poisonous apples will be eaten, there’s a Prince Charming – or shall we say ‘Prince Charmant’…but there won’t be any singing.

Can Kristen Stewart go from tackling stripper poles, kissing vampires, and rocking out to playing a fair maiden who kicks ass? Let us know your thoughts!