THE RUNAWAYS, Official Trailer Released!Apparition

Check out this new production still of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning‘s latest film project, The Runaways. The movie is a bio-pic based off of rock-goddess Joan Jett’s first band in the mid-1970’s. The Runaways were the first girls ever to rock and Kristen will get to stretch her acting and vocal chops respectively as Joan Jett while Dakota portrays the bands front-woman Cherie Currie. The movie – directed by Floria Sigismondi – is based off of Cherie’s auto-biography Neon Angels.

The Runaways, which opens as a limited release on March 19th, also stars Academy Award-Nominee Michael Shannon as band manager Kim Fowley, Scout Taylor Compton as guitarist Lita Ford, and on drums is Stella Maeve as the late Sandy West. The movie will expand to a nationwide release on April 9th.

Watch the trailer below!