Susan Griffith

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Susan GriffithAre you ready for a New pop/R&B sensation? Susan Griffith is a shining young star who is about to to turn the music world around with her refreshing new blend of pop and R&B sounds. She’s 20 years old and ready to hit the charts!

Hi Susan, how are you?!
Wonderful, thanks.

So, can you tell us a bit about how you got into performing?
I’ve always had the desire to perform since I was 3 years old, everything else happened from there.

Which musical artist would you say have inspired you?
So many I can’t name them all, I love Mariah, Whitney, Elvis!, Michael, Celine. They are all very successful and talented.

Is there a certain process you go through in choosing the music you record?
I like to think how this will effect people, is it positive, can people relate to it?

For someone who has never heard of you before how would you describe your music?
Emotion, fun, passionate.

What’s the one CD you would never be able to live without and why?
Well I have one of the biggest cd collections, so narrowing that down is close to impossible. I love Christian music, I can’t live without God and worship.

Do you write your own music, and if so what’s the process you go through when writing a song?
I write and I work with songwriters. I just write from personal experiences.

What’s your favorite performance yet?
That will be when I perform in front of a sold out coliseum. Hehe, hasn’t happened yet!

Do you have any exciting plans coming up? New shows, single?
Yes! I don’t have any dates yet.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the people who may be reading this?
Thanks, and check out my site!! Lots of Love!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Good luck with everything!
Thank you so much, and I appreciate the interview. Take care!!

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