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Bryan ChanYou’ve seen him as a finalist on the show ‘Making the Band’ and as one third of the group LMNT, now he’s branching off into his own solo career. Recently we got a chance to chat with him about what the experience has been like recording on his own, what his goals are, and more.

Hi Bryan, how are you? Doing good I hope.
I’m great..thanks for asking.

What made you decide to go solo after the break from LMNT?
I think we were all ready to spread our wings a little bit. We’ve been working, touring and recording together for over three years. We’ve all grown as musicians and our tastes have all kind of changed as well. This is going to give us all an opportunity to try something new.

How does recording on your own differ than being in the studio as part of a group?
Well you work a lot more that’s for sure….a song is now all you instead of being split up four ways. I love it though, being in the studio is where all the creativity happens and I get to make all the calls as to what type of music we do and what songs we choose to record. It’s a very liberating experience.

What can you tell us about your EP you have coming out?
Well it’s got five songs that kind of hit on a little bit of everything. The sound is very consistent…very live and organic…but they are all different from one another. You can get it on our website in March and I hope fans will listen to it and give me some feedback.

Out of all the songs you’ve recently recorded for your album, which would you say is your favorite? Why?
I’d say In My Head. It was the first song I wrote with our production team at The Red Room, and I guess there’s always something special about the first of anything.

Can you describe for us what the song writing process is like for you?
It’s different every time, some songs come fast and easy some take a lot longer, it depends on a lot of factors that I can’t even explain. Sometimes the stars just align and you come up with a hit song, sometimes their real stinkers.

How will you choose which songs will make the cut for your EP? What happens to the ones that won’t?
Well we actually wrote and recorded six songs specifically for the EP, along with looking at about a dozen songs I had wrote and worked on before I went to Nashville. In the end my manager and I decided that we would choose from the most recent songs and we would go with the 5 that made the most sense. The EP will have In My Head, I Want It All, So Beautiful, All I Know and Don’t Cry For Me.

If you could work with any artist on this album, who would it be? Why?
I’d love to write with Richard Marx – he’s written some of the most incredible ballads I have ever heard. He’s a great storyteller and I’d be honored to sing his throwaways.

How would you describe your sound to new fans?
It’s a cross between Hootie and the Blowfish and Matchbox 20. Very pop rock with an acoustic feel.

Now that you know the outcome of ‘Making the Band’, if given the chance would you do it over again? Why or why not?
Oh yeah…even though I had to wade through my ankles in BS I would have never ended up where I am without that experience. Everything is a lesson…the trick is to learn from them and pick yourself up every time something knocks you down.

What would you say is your most memorable performance?
My first gig in Nashville with a live band. I was singing with Sam Mizell’s band at the Franklin Mercantile and I can’t tell you what it’s like to have such talented musicians playing your songs behind you.

What are some goals you hope to reach in your solo career?
I hope that I can fill stadiums and have platinum albums on my walls…a Grammy would be nice, but you know…it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Bryan, thanks so much for your time. We wish you lots of luck on your album!
Thanks for taking the time to do the interview, all the best.

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