Introducing: ONE CALL

When Travis Garland of NLT confirmed on his official blog in April of this year that it was the end of NLT and that Kevin McHale, Justin (JJ) Thorne, V Sevani, and himself had parted ways as a band, it was definitely a bummer. The super talented group was just on the rise and we were disappointed that we’d not get to see them reach the top.

But out of some ‘downer’ news comes ‘great‘ news!

While Travis and V work on their own solo musical ventures, and Kevin acts his butt off on the FOX television series GLEE – JJ has been hitting the studio with his new group — and you may recognized a couple of them. Justin has joined Johnny Wright’s latest group ONE CALL that includes former Menudo members Chris Moy and José Bordonada as well as newcomer, 17 year-old Anthony Gamlieli. The guys have been recording some tracks for their first album including “Like Them Girls”.

Where’d they get the name? As Chris so simply put it, “It’s funny how one call can change your whole life.” For more check out One Call’s official MySpace page.