New Music To Jam To: LITTLE JACKIE

Imani Coppola and partner Adam Pallin make up the New York-based, Little Jackie. In 2007 the duo was signed to S-Curve Records and began working on the debut album, “The Stoop”.

30 year-old Imani Coppola grew up one of the youngest of five in Long Island, New York to a black mother and an Italian father. Not coming from a ton of money, Coppola felt that most of the time she didn’t fit in and she grew tired of her family constantly getting picked on. With her strong vocals, knack for songwriting — and those voluminous curls, Imani signed a recording contact with Columbia Records in 1997 and released her first album that produced a hit song that aired on MTV.
Imani was dropped from her label in 2000, and after seven years of jumping from label to label and seven self-released albums under her belt — she has now found a home with Little Jackie.

Little Jackie’ first single, “The World Should Revolve Around Me” skyrocketed to #14 on the UK Singles Chart, and has been gaining popularity this year in the United States. The Associated Press has described Little Jackie’s sound as “contemporary and classic”, with a “funky Motown vibe mixed with hip-hop beats”. “The Stoop” is in stores now!


Listen to “The World Should Revolve Around Me” at their Official MySpace!