VFactoryL-R: Nick Teti, Asher Book, Jared Murillo, Wesley Quinn & Nathaniel Flatt.

FV LOVES VF — and you will too! VFactory is the hottest new group on the scene and we can’t get enough of their fly moves, addictive songs and poster boy looks. We caught up with VFactory on the Bandemonium stop in NYC to talk about the tour — plus, we got into the nitty-gritty about their music (their debut album is dropping later this year) and their dedicated fan base. Check out what the guys had to say!


FV: This is V Factory’s first time out on tour! How has it been so far?
It’s going really well actually.
Nathaniel: So much fun.
Asher: It’s a different experience for us…
Wesley: It’s a great learning experience.
Asher: … but we’re waking up in a new city everyday.
Nathaniel: You go to sleep and you wake up and you’re in a different state.
Jared: Not knowing where you are. [Laughs]
Wesley: Just having a good time.
Asher: Yeah this is fun.

FV: Have you had any out of control fan encounters yet?
We had fans cry … we’ve had some cry. That was really sweet, like they got to us and just started crying. I was like [shocked face]; I didn’t know what to do so I was like [hug].
Asher: Just … just give hugs.
Nicky T: We had some fans find out what hotel we stayed at…
Asher: Oh that was crazy! We saw this car pull up and they’re all looking at us, “like oh no wonder what they’re here for?”. No joke, maybe like two hours later, they come knocking up on our door and they’re like “we searched every hotel in the area for you guys!” and we’re like wow.

VFactoryFV: So, did they bombard you guys?
It was great.
Nicky T: It was pretty wild.
Asher: They were nice though.

FV: Do you think the male vocal groups of the past should’ve all had a joint tour like this one?
It’s a good experience for everyone.
Wesley: Yea.

FV: Or do you think despite the tour, there’s always going to be the fan created battles of who’s ‘the better band’ … V Factory vs. Menudo?
I don’t think that’s it at all. I think fans come and they love music; they’re gonna love all three bands on the tour, including Mark & James. So I mean, I don’t think it’s “Oh, I’m a Menudo fan so I’m not gonna like V Factory.” I don’t think that’s it..
Asher: We don’t really have that competition in anyway.
Wesley: Yeah, exactly.
Asher: If anything we’re all gaining experience from this tour. We’re all learning, we’re all here for the same thing, same reason.
Nathaniel: It’s definitely cut out the drama you might have among groups, because we’ve all been traveling with the other guys and we all hang out with each other.
Wesley: We all get along, it’s crazy.

FV: Well, I think maybe the difference then with you and past groups is that fans see that you guys are tight and get along.
Wesley: Yea, that’s exactly it.
Nicky T: Yeah, that’s a big difference.
Wesley: They see that they call Menudo, V Factory and NLT … we all come out give each other hugs and high fives and stuff. They see that and are like “wow, that’s cool”.

FV: Well my personal favorite song is “Doin’ It Too.” So you guys have any writing credits on that? Does that stem from a personal experience?
Ohhhhh [Laughs]
Wesley: No we didn’t, we had a producer on that.
Asher: But unfortunately yea … on our first album I think it was more a, it was really a privilege of getting to write most of our own stuff, but on the second album we’ll have opportunities to do more of that so.

VFactoryFV: Are you singing it tonight?
Nathaniel: None of us have ever been in that situation.

FV: You’ve gotten a pretty big response on tour with Bandemonium and online (especially through MySpace). Were you shocked at the initial buzz having just released your EP last month?
Nicky T:
We have the best fans because we had a lot of fan pages and fan stuff before we even really came out.
Asher: Everything, we’re like…
Wesley: Yeah, before we had a MySpace we had fan pages, it was kind of awkward. I was like “How do they even know about us?” it was crazy.

FV: I think I remember that too.
Nicky T:
Wesley: Yeah, it’s wild.

FV: Didn’t you add the “V”?
Nicky T:
Yeah, yeah.
Wesley: Yes.
Asher: Yeah, we had a lot of names oh my…
Nathaniel: For five, it stands for five.
Asher: Roman numeral.
Wesley: Yeah, we were like “V Factory, eh lets just add a little something to it”. So for Roman numeral five, we added a V.
Asher: That was the hardest part getting the name. We went through so many names.
Nicky T: Yeah, and being satisfied with them.
Asher: … and actually like it, going through ‘cause there’s so many people that had rights to it.
Wesley: We were almost called The Sexies.
Asher: Yeah, The Sexies that was one of our names.
Nicky T: The Sexies, that would work.
Nathaniel: Was that your idea? [All Laugh]
Nicky T: No, that was the girl on the street “You guys should be called The Sexies”. Remember that?
Nathaniel: Oh, our first photo shoot the day we met?
Nicky T: [Shakes head] Yeah.
Nathaniel: Oh, I remember that!
Wesley: There was this girl and she goes “What are ya’ll called?” we’re like “V Factory”, she’s “well you should be called The Sexies”.

VFactoryFV: It’s a given that people are going to compare you guys to the previous groups, such as BSB, ‘NSync, and the New Kids [on the Block]. But, if someone were to come up and ask you to tell them how V Factory is different – what would you tell them?
I mean just the music obviously. It’s a different time and the music’s evolved, it’s a lot more urban. I mean we still have some songs that are definitely pop and ‘N Sync related and stuff…
Asher: I don’t think anyone… like on the track “She Bad” we have E-40 on it. So, like we try to uh..
Nicky T: Yeah, ‘N Sync had Nelly on one of their tracks.

FV: But, that wasn’t until about their fourth album.
Nathaniel: I think it’s an honor to be compared too..
Wesley: Yeah, they were huge.
Nathaniel: ..because they were all really amazing acts and really successful. We can only hope that will be us one day.
Nicky T: Yeah, we all grew up listening to that so.
Wesley: New Kids.
Asher: Yeah, he’s a big New Kids fan.

FV: Oh my gosh, so is she. [Points to FV’s Chanelle Justice]
Yeah, New Kids on the Block!


WATCH our interview with V Factory below, then take a look at more photos in the gallery.



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