NLTL-R: JJ Thorne, Kevin McHale, V Sevani & Travis Garland

We know you love ’em, and just can’t get enough. Which is why when NLT hit the road on the Bandemonium Tour in May, Fanvasion stopped by to get the 411 on the tour — including some details on the now infamous airsoft/water war! Plus, we got the scoop on ‘the swoop’!


FV: Tell us, how has the tour been going so far?
JJ: Great, great.
Kevin: We’re fortunate enough to have Menudo and VFactory who are completely nice down-to-earth guys
Travis: I’m totally bummed it’s half over.
V: I know I’m kid of sad!
Travis: I don’t wanna go home…I want it to go through the summer.
JJ: It’s really.. it’s really exciting because like having like all these guys
it’s fun. It’s almost like being in a school.
Kevin: Camp. [Laughs]
JJ: Camp, right; always having fun.
Travis: Plus, the performing is fun too. I love the guys too they’re great, but performing is awesome.
V: We get to meet the best people; like our fans that come to the show are the coolest, coolest people.
Kevin: The die hard fans that wait outside. Like you guys, they were in the rain.
Travis: People were lined up since 8 in the morning.
V: Oh my God.

FV: Yeah, we saw a group of girls out there.
Yeah! I wanted to bring them hot chocolate or something.
Kevin: That’s the best part. We have meet and greets after and get to meet all the fans.

NLTFV: Has there been any “Boy Band Bonding”?
Oh yeah!
Travis: Oh yeah, it’s funny. I’m actually in Menudo now.
Kevin: I am too!
JJ: The other night we actually were in Chicago for the show; Mark & James got on the acoustic guitar, we all like sat around singing. What were we doing? Just singing…
V: Free styling songs.
Kevin: We were free styling songs and rapping.
V: Songs about Taco Bell and McDonalds.
JJ: Singing like John Mayer songs and stuff.
Kevin: Justin Timberlake and all three bands together it was really, really dope.

FV: You should have made a YouTube video out of that.
I think they did.
Kevin: You know what there’s gonna be a video coming out.

FV: Oh there is?
Kevin: Yeah, we need to finish it today.

FV: JJ and V are from Cali and you’ve done a lot of shows in the Los Angeles area but, Kevin and Travis – you’re from Texas! What was it like to come home to your old stomping grounds and perform?
We got on YouTube … I don’t know what came over me but as V said, Tupac was resurrected in me. I got real ghetto, I was just … [Laughs]
Travis: “This is my home state. This is my first show back in Texas!”
Kevin: I was so hyped. I .. I.. I don’t know what it was.
V: You made us hyped though.
Travis: I know I got excited because he was like…
V: I was like “yeah, we’re in Kevin’s home state right now”!
Kevin: I was so excited ‘cause, you know it was fans and then all my family and friends were there.
Travis: Yeah, we had so much family and friends.
Kevin: It was a blast, it was so fun.
V: And they took us out the night before.
Kevin: Yeah.
V: …and showed us around.
Kevin: Mmhmm we took him to…there’s a big Gavin DeGraw concert outside.
JJ: Yeah, we went to that.
Kevin: With like 10,000 people and we took them to that.
Travis: Oh yeah.
Kevin: It was a really fun time.

FV: His new album is awesome.
Oh I love it! It’s so good; V is actually in love with him now.
V: Yeah, I am. He’s like my favorite artist.

FV: What’s your favorite song off the new album?
Uh, “I’m In Love With A Girl”.
Travis: I like “Young Love”.
V: And umm, uh what’s number two?

FV: “Next to Me.”
“Next to Me”!
Travis: “Next to You”. Yeah, yeah.

FV: “Next to You”, yeah.
Yeah, I love that one.

FV: Many people say Bandemonium is “Boy Bands Gone Wild!” Have there been any wild and crazy times so far that you want to tell us about?
Silly string fights, water gun fights…
V: We purchased air soft guns.
Travis: C02 guns…
V: And we’ve been shooting each other, like us and the other boy bands.
JJ: That’s pretty cool.
Kevin: And I heard VFactory was going around having shirtless fights.
V: Shirtless battles with the air soft guns.
Kevin: Yeah, and they have like marks all over. Yeah.

NLTFV: That sounds dangerous.
It’s pretty dangerous.
Travis: Almost like a … like a..
V: I shot JJ in the forehead the other day.
Kevin: [Laughs]
JJ: We were in the hotel and he’s got a gun at me, and the ones we have like hurt really bad when you get shot with them. So I’m like under the covers…
V: Don’t try it at home, please. [Laughs]
JJ: …but I peek my head over and he shoots the ball and it ricochets off and hits my forehead.

FV: Coming off the tour with battle wounds. [Laughs]

FV: When we talked back in February, you mentioned how you had to get back into studio to re-record some songs. Fans are no buzzing about the new version of “Do It Like I Love It” that you’ve been performing on the tour. …Next single?
Travis: I don’t think we’ve gotten that far yet as to what the next single is. Karma’s the single.
V: We’re pushing “Karma”.
Travis: “Do It Like I Love It” is one of the songs that we did re-record and we did new versions of like ‘Yesterday.’ I don’t know if you know ‘Yesterday,’ it’s a ballad we recorded. It’s also on our EP which we’re selling after the show.
Kevin: Yeah.
Travis: It’s like a new version and everything. So, we’re excited about all the new stuff we did.
Kevin: And we’re real excited to perform ‘Do It Like I Love It’ on tour because…
JJ: We know a lot of the fans already know it.
Kevin: Yeah, the leaked version is one of our biggest videos on YouTube, that we didn’t put up. So when we do it in concert, everybody goes nuts because everybody knows it.

NLTFV: Do you think the male vocal groups of the past should’ve all had a joint tour like this one? Or do you think despite the tour, there’s always going to be the fan created battles of ‘who’s the better band’?
JJ: I think it’ll always be there. You know, it’s like…
Kevin: Cause with like yeah ‘N Sync..
JJ: Back with like Britney and Christina and everyone was going at… at either one or the other. But, they were best friends. It’s like…
Travis: Yeah, I think people are always gonna create like that hype.
V: I think amongst us..
JJ: Amongst us..
V: Amongst us we won’t ever have that.
JJ: Right.
Kevin: No, no like we’re cool with everybody.
V: But, I think fans will always have that.
Travis: Oh, the media; people always want to create beef. It’s like Kanye and 50 … this or that let’s go.
JJ: And it makes it exciting. Like it’s cool, but as long as everyone’s enjoying everyone’s music that’s what it’s all about.
Kevin: But I do think that you raise a good point though. Like if there was a tour like this back in the days of ‘NSync and Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees all on one tour?
V: That would have been really good.
Travis: Do you know how big that tour would have been? ‘NSync and Backstreet on the same tour.
Kevin: It would have squashed probably a lot of rumors. But you know what? I mean… media is gonna say what they want to say so. But, we have a great time with all these guys, so…
JJ: At the end of the day there’s enough room for everyone. So, there’s no reason to, you know … fight.

FV: So we won’t see you facing off on the cover of Rolling Stone right?
Kevin: Hey, it was good press.

FV: Kevin…how’s the swoop?
[Laughs] That was all JJ!

NLTFV: Can you explain what your swoop is?
No, I don’t think I’ve ever said that.
Travis: It’s a good swoop.
V: It’s a pretty good swoop.
Kevin: I.. I don’t remember.
JJ: Yeah, it‘s a good swoop. [Imitates swoop] It’s just a swoop.
Kevin: [Points at his hair] It’s this thing…
Travis: Cheryl’s swoop got nothing on this.
V: It’s a good swoop, I like the swoop.
Kevin: but I… Cheryl’s swoop wow. Um, ‘cause I’m not good at fixing my hair…
JJ: [Nods in agreement]
Kevin: …and I’m real insecure about it.
V: [Laughs]
JJ: [Nods again]
Kevin: So I’ll ask JJ ‘cause he has like perfect hair, you know?
V: [Laughs]
JJ: Not right now, but… [Fixes hair]
Kevin: So, I’ll ask him if the hair is alright. But for comedic effect, he said I asked how my swoop is. [Laughs]
Travis: Nice swoop.

FV: Trust me; you have it so much easier than girls.
No…yeah. [Nods]
V: This is what we hear.
JJ: Yeah, we…we know this.
Kevin: [Laughs]


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