MenudoMENUDO! We’re trippin’ over these boys at the moment because they’re that awesome, so we made it a point to check in with them on the Bandemonium Tour to get the details on their music, new video for their single “Lost” and everything else in-between. Yup, including Menudo DOLLS!


FV: What is the typical day out on the road like for Menudo?
A typical day… [Points towards Chris & Carlos]
Chris: Typical day on the road is driving, driving, driving, sleep, and more driving.
Jose: Singing…
Chris: And then performing and then we go back on the road.

FV: With three other bands on the tour, is there any competitiveness?
Not at all, not at all. You know actually, you know, going into this tour we talked about it. Is there going to be fighting? We don’t know we’ve never been on tour like this. Um, but we’re like best friends, you know. We learn our choreographies, we learn each other’s songs, we support each other. We buy our own and each other’s songs on iTunes. So, like we support each other and I mean it’s just fun. We’re new friends, you know? There’s no competition at all, whatsoever.

FV: Travis from NLT told us he’s the new “Unofficial member of Menudo”!
Carlos: Actually, me and Travis…we traded places. He’s in Menudo and now I’m in NLT. See, NLT guys wear this. [Shows bracelet] So, I don’t know you. [Walks away then walks back – All laugh]

FV: So, it’s safe to assume there’s been a lot of bonding on the tour.

FV: Out of all the groups on the tour, Menudo is the only one that carries a history with it. Was there a lot of pressure to have this group live up to the name or the previous members?
I don’t think it was pressure, I think it’s more – I mean…I can talk for myself, I don’t know about you guys. Uh, I think like for the most part it was more of a learning experience; it was something that was fun for us. ‘Cause we … it was a lot of excitement knowing that all these people were gonna, you know, watch us and follow us the way they followed the old Menudo and all that type of stuff. So it was more of a learning experience for us, more than pressure.

FV: Ricky Martin hosted “Making Menudo”, but other than him – have you met any of the original members?
Original members, we met Charlie Masso from the show. He came to the studio and gave us pointers. He told us, like; he only went home four days in the whole year. So yeah, it’s hard work … but he was basically just cool.

MenudoFV: Have they influenced or advised you either in the studio or with touring?
We haven’t known them. I mean, we only met Charlie during the reality show. We haven’t really bonded with any of ‘em. But, I mean, we even haven’t met Ricky Martin yet.
Emma: We saw Ricky!
Monti: …we saw Ricky!
Emma: And we were like “ahhh!”
Monti: “Woo!” But, we’re big fans of his, of his music and everything. He’s big role model but no, aside of Charlie, we haven’t met any other members yet. We like to though.

FV: Menudo’s follow is a huge Latin fan base, but has the “new” Menudo maintained that? Or would you say its split between both Latin and Pop?
I think we’re pretty much trying to reach out to the whole world with our music, you know? We’re not really going just for the American market or just for the Latin market. We want to branch off to everyone in the world. Right? Yea, we want to reach out to everyone.

FV: We saw you guys in NYC and noticed how wild the crowd got during “Move”! Did you expect that song to be such a crowd pleaser when you were recording it?
I mean when we first heard the song we knew it was something different ‘cause the chorus alone…its sick, it’s crazy, it’s like so fast. When we first actually recorded it, it was harder to sing. Like there’s so many words pushed in there … it’s like a tongue twister. And uh, we knew that it was different from a lot of songs we ever had, but we’re like “you know I think this is going to be the one”.

MenudoFV: Yeah, the crowd was moving with you in the same beat; it was great.
Oh yeah. [nods]

FV: A lot of fans actually brought along their moms who were big fans of Menudo from way back and they were REALLY getting into it! Do you hear a lot from the “original fans”?
We’ve gotten that a lot. It’s so cool to see that we can … we have the power as Menudo to reach out to everybody you know? It’s a great feeling.

FV: Menudo is more than a “boy band” – it is now a “household name.” Will you guys be marketed as a “total package”? Can we anticipate more, such as Menudo dolls like the New Kids [on the Block] did or a cartoon series much like the Jackson 5?
You never know.
Emma: Yeah, right now we’re just focusing on getting to the fans, you know, bringing them good music, for them to have fun. What happens in the future, I hope there’s like ‘N Sync dolls they had, the ones that dangle.
Monti: We would like to have those.
Emma: We hope.
Monti: Yeah. [Laughs]
Emma: And Menudo had all the merchandise…
Monti: They actually have their own show too.
Emma: Yeah, their own show.
Monti: It was once a week type thing…
Jose: Movie.
Emma: [agrees] Movie.
Monti: They had a movie out.
Emma: We hope we have that, if we don’t cool.
Monti: Yeah, but right now we’re just focusing on the tour. Then the album is gonna come out soon, the single is gonna come out soon, the video. That’s our main focus right now.

MenudoFV: Yes! You actually just shot the video for “Lost”! — Can you tell us about the concept?
Well the concept, we’re like undercover. We’re hiding undercover like normal citizens. I’m a taxi driver and each one of us has their little role and we’re trying to save this girl which is Victoria Justice. And then, it’s…I’m not gonna give it away; but it’s a big action video.
Emma: You have to see it, it’s cool. It’s a surprise.

FV: When will fans be able to see it?
The fans? Yeah, they’ll be able to see it.

FV: Do you know when?
First week of June.
Monti: Yeah, early June.


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