Mark & JamesWe caught up with Mark & James again, this time while they were out on the Bandemonium Tour with NLT, Menudo and V Factory. The talented and funny duo gave us the scoop on what really happens on the bus, getting recognition on the tour and the wild fans. Maybe even the Spice Girls?


Boy bands have gone wild! But have the fans gone wild for Mark & James?
I would say so. On this tour it’s really been depending on the night or the city. It’s like … I feel like the smaller shows we’ve gotten to do that are smaller venues are like we’ve really gotten a chance to connect with fans more and I really guess like that’s more of our scene, that’s more of what we’ve been used to.
Mark: There … there has been like a lot of fans that have gone wild. One in particular because she writes us on MySpace and Facebook too; we have Facebooks. She writes us non-stop and her last name on that is James’ last name. [Laughs] So like if you’re saying “gone wild” – she went wild. But it’s awesome, I love it. I go on there and I see that she’s written back and I’m like “James, your girlfriend wrote you.” You gotta check it out, you know?
James: I’m trying to get used to it. Someone asked me if I got married the other day, they didn’t know I was on tour.
Mark: Yeah, I mean it’s weird though for us. Because we’re from Orlando; we’re in a smaller kind of town, it’s more like a bar scene for college kids. And it’s like probably people that like music but they’re not going to be like “Oh, I love you” because of who you are. Then you come here and you play and people are just like, “you’re famous”. And it’s just like… you know, “we’re not”.

Do you feel like you guys are getting enough recognition on the tour?
How do I really feel about that? No, um I think we’re getting quite a bit of recognition; and the bands that we are on tour with are awesome. You know, they’re awesome to hang out with. They’re awesome to play with, and we hang out quite a bit.
James: For really just … for playing two songs, um I think that we actually do get quite the recognition which is great because for all intents and purposes we’re just hosting the show. We get to jam a little in the beginning. So the fact that we get any recognition has really been great. Really they’ve been … uh; we’ve gotten the rock star treatment from the fans. It’s been great.

Mark & JamesAt the NYC show, fans saw you guys walking around and didn’t know it was you. Then once you hit the stage, they went wild!
The good thing about I guess not really being known yet is that you can lie to fans before the show. So I’ll around and I’ll tell them…
Mark: I don’t do this.
James: I do it … I’ve done it a few times. I’ll tell them my name is Vince and that I’m just the merch guy. Then they’ll be like “okay”. Because they’ll be like “Let me take a picture with you!” and I’ll be like “I’m nobody” and they’ll be like “oh never mind.” And then I’ll walk up on stage five minutes later and you just hear “you lied to me, you lied to me!” [Laughs]
Mark: And we were recognized in the subway the other day in New York and it was so crazy, because we got off “the sub”, I guess people call it subway, but whatever, “the sub”. And we’re walking and someone was like “hey, Mark and James…” it was like seven girls. We turn around and we’re like “I think they’re talking about us.” Which is weird because we’re somewhere that we’ve never played before really and like people just picked us out of nobody. It’s like… I was like “I don’t want to sound weird but how do you know who we are?”. You know? It’s crazy.

You’re currently sharing a tour bus with V Factory, so have there any crazy moments you could share with us?
That we can share? [Laughs]
Mark: About us or about them?

About just times on the bus, on the road…
Are we allowed to say stuff? [Looks around for approval] Oh okay, well then I’ll start listing ‘em off. Asher and Wes were in a bed one night.
James: Yeah, they got in bed together.
Mark: Messing around…I don’t know why. Not messing around like messing around. Don’t get that wrong. Don’t take that the wrong way. They were just like you know…
James: They’re just gonna cut that.
Mark: Getting into that, we were in a bed with three Menudo guys today on the bus so…
James: [Makes a ‘cut’ motion – Laughs]
Mark: But we have the air soft guns that you guys have probably heard about; and that, it just gets wild. Like, you’re either getting shot or shooting somebody and most of the time you’re on the bus. Like this…
James: Yeah, they shoot little plastic bbs [pellets], it’s the worst idea.
Mark: That’s from two weeks ago and I have a scab. But uh besides that though I mean, most of the time it’s after the show, we’re kinda tired so we sleep a lot. But I mean there’s definitely been some… maybe some arguments, some shoving…
James: Yeah.
Mark: Jared Murillo, I won’t say any names. No. [Laughs] But it’s been a good time.

How do you think your involvement on the tour will differ with Bandemonium II?
It’ll be more focused on Mark and James?
Mark: Well not to say more focused on Mark and James but the thing that we love about this tour is that we get to show more personality than anybody else because we get to actually host .. MC, mess around and not have anything to worry about. In the second one…
James: I’m looking forward to playing more music.
Mark: Yeah, we’re looking forward to sharing more of our music because two songs, it’s like I want more. You know? But, I mean it will be different. It’ll be kind of slow because we’re playing more and its full band obviously. So, it’s going to be crazy.

Mark & JamesWell, you mentioned on the current tour that you perform “As You Are,” will you be performing “Letting Go” tonight because I think I mentioned before in our last interview, it’s my favorite.
Is the pope catholic? We will definitely perform that. [Laughs]

That’s from the Spice Girl Movie. I remember that.
It was in a movie?

That was in a movie!
I don’t know.
James: You’ve been quoting the Spice Girls movie? This entire time! [All Laugh] It all makes sense now.
Mark: I’ve been a fan of the Spice Girls since day one…
James: Oh, Posh Spice…yeah.
Mark: Yeah no, I guess that’s where it’s from. I don’t know. I didn’t see it so…
James: Sure you didn’t…
Mark: What were we answering? [Looks towards James – both laugh] Oh “Letting Go.” Yes, we definitely will be playing it tonight. It’s like my favorite song, one of ‘em.

You joked around with us in our last interview about getting all the groups together to duke it out in a backyard fight! Have you made any progress?
Well you know sometimes…going back to the air soft, sometimes people don’t like to get shot. And Wes, when I said the Jared thing earlier, Wes shot Jared [James laughs]. Like when you shouldn’t shoot him, you know? He’s busy on the computer or talking to somebody…I don’t know what he was doing. I wasn’t on the bus.
James: It was wrong.
Mark: It actually wasn’t even Wes that shot him, it was Asher, but Wes shoots everyone so you think its Wes. And so it was a brawl, there was a wrestling match that went on.
James: And then NLT had to go and they bought like serious air soft guns. So … we actually one day there was a bit of a fight but it was a fun fight and we had
a gun battle outside of one of the venues for a good 30-40 minutes with everyone just running around.
Mark: But as far as fist fights…
James: There’s still time though. I mean, there’s a good week left.
Mark: With James’ hope, I don’t think it’s happening though.

FV: YouTube.
Yeah, for sure.


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