CherishL-R: Farrah, Fallon, Felisha, Neosha

They blew onto the scene in 2006 with the dance chart-topper ‘Do It to It”, from the album, Unappreciated. But, the four sisters who make up the hit group Cherish are about to give you the truth. In the form of their sophomore album, The Truth, due to hit stores on May 13th.

See what Farrah, Neosha, Felisha and Fallon had to say when FANVASION sat down to chat with them about the new album.


Hi Ladies!

For those that don’t know, where did the name ‘Cherish’ come from?
Felisha: Actually we were in a hotel room one day, and we were trying to figure out a group name .. that we wanted to call ourselves. We were just having a conversation, and one of us just blurted out ‘what do we cherish?’. We were just like, that would actually be a great name for the group, because we cherish what we do.

CherishYour first single “Killa”, off the new album, features rapper Yung Joc … how did that collaboration come about?
Felisha: Don Vito produced the track, when we heard it we fell in love with it. So, we loved the record and we were trying to figure out what rapper would be good on it. We were like ‘let’s call Joc’, because he actually did stuff with us on the first album. We called Joc, and he was like ‘of course’, he came in the studio, did his verse and the rest is history.

The fact that you all write your own songs is pretty impressive; do you feel more pressure for the album to be a success because of that?
Felisha: I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s more pressure. I just feel like if an artist does…what you feel like you should do, and you write your own music that’s what people want. They want to relate to an artist that’s themselves, because they buy into the artist, not the music. It’s a collaboration of everything together. So, I definitely think that it’s much easier for us to write our own records, because then it’s more real … more true. People will understand, this is who Cherish is.

CherishBeing that you did write the majority of your album, do either of your have a song that’s more personal or meaningful than the others?
I would definitely say a song called Amnesia; it’s pretty personal for me. Amnesia is our second single. It’s just basically about a guy, that burns you so bad in the past, that this new guy is trying to give you the world. You’re telling him … unless I come across a case of amnesia, that’s the only way I’ll be able to be with you, because my heart is just not in it right now. So, that’s definitely a personal one for me.

How much say do you have in picking which tracks make the album cut?
We pick them as a group. Actually every single song on the album we chose to put on the album.

Is there a story behind the album title?
I mean, just the fact that we titled the album The Truth, because every single one of the songs are a personal aspect of our lives. We named it The Truth, so everyone would know we wrote it, we experienced it and here it is for you to listen to.

CherishDo you feel there is more of a struggle for female vocal groups to succeed, than male groups?
Yes it is. I feel it’s more of a struggle, but I mean it’s part of the business. You’ll succeed if you do it right, if you just be yourself and you put everything that you know possible into your career. It’s a little bit more pressure, but we’re willing to take the risk.

I have three sisters myself and we definitely have our good and bad moments. How do you balance family and work.. or separate the two?
Really? [Laughs]
Fallon: Well you know … I would say it’s kind of hard, but at the same time working with your family is much better than working with strangers. But with that being said, we know how to push each others buttons and we know what makes the other mad. So, we balance that out very well and at the end of the day, we end up getting our work done.

Music as well as the artists behind it seem to be pointed out a lot as negative influences on today’s youth. Do you feel that you need to be good role models for young girls?
Definitely! The point of being a star, or so called superstar is so other people can look up to you and want to be like you. So, we definitely want to live the good role of being a good role model for other young people or young females that are aspiring to be an artist or to do anything. We just want to be great role models.

How do you feel you have grown, if at all, between “Unappreciated” to “The Truth”?
We’ve definitely grown. I think that every time you’re being creative, you grow a little and you learn a little. Within the last two years, we’ve actually went through a couple of experiences and being creative at the time. So, our creativity just grew a little and that’s how we came up with The Truth.

CherishOne of the songs on your album, “Love Sick”, we hear that’s suppose to be the new “Cry Me A River”…
Yes, we wrote that record. It’s actually another personal experience of mine. [Laughs] “Love Sick” is kind of like “Cry Me A River”, but what you’re basically saying in the verses is .. like he left you for another girl and he did you so wrong. Now the roles are reversed and it’s basically karma, and he’s getting exactly what he deserves. You’re saying, cry me a river, do what you’ve got to do; you did it to me so now it’s your turn.

Any plans to tour once the album drops?
Definitely. We have a couple tours on the table; we’re not sure who with yet. We’re not gonna mention anything right now. But, we’re definitely going on tour.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to chat. Good luck with the album!
You’re welcome, thank you.


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