Fall Style Spotlight: Jamie and Cristina of LAXTwo of the lovely ladies from the hot girl-group, LAX shared some of their favorite fall styles, designers and who they’d love to go on a shopping spree with! To find out what Jamie and Cristina had to say, read our mini fashion Q&A below!


How would you describe your Fall style?
Jamie: My fall style is actually my favorite time to dress! I’m a big shoe fanatic so I gotta have ’em boots on for the fall! Oh, and hoodies – my big thing! And slip on some fitted dark blue jeans.
Cristina: I would describe my fall style as more laid back, but still funky.


Who are some of your favorite designers?
My favorite designers would have to be Juicy Couture, love it , so comfy haha. Seven [for all Mankind] Jeans and uhm, gotta love LRG. Last, but not least ALDO [for] shoes, accessories and purses.
Cristina: Luxurie (LRG for girls), Bebe, and sometimes just anything that’s cute and not very pricey. Kohl’s has great stuff and vintage stores will surprise you!!


What are your must-have beauty products?
Must have beauty products would be mascara and blush and I’m good to go!
Cristina: I must have perfume! I have got to smell good. For make-up, mascara and a shimmer/sparkly eye shadow.


If you could go on a shopping spree with any star, who would it be and why?
Chris Brown! Haha! Because one, he’s hot and talented. Two we would be going in many shops ’cause we’re both a boy and girl shopping for different things so we could possibly take all day, haha. Three, I wouldn’t only be shopping with Chris Brown but he has a good sense of style dude, so we wouldn’t be waiting anytime shopping.
Cristina: It would be Gwen Stefani, ’cause her outfits are so funky, fresh, and so put together. I wanna see wear she shops, what her tips are and what are her favorite brands!


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