Rockin’ Out with EverlifeNAME: Everlife
MEMBERS: Amber, Sarah and Julia Ross

EARLY STAGES: Inspired by early rock ‘n’ roll from the 50’s and 60’s that their mother always listened to, sisters Amber, Sarah and Julia Ross, who are self-taught musicians and song-writers began creating a collection of original music and practiced harmonies everyday. Sarah took to the drums, while Amber strummed the guitar and Julia played melodies on her piano. Determined to take their music out of their hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania and play it for the world, the girls named themselves Everlife and set out to play their music for anyone who would listen.

YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH: Committed to their faith and Christian roots, Amber, Sarah and Julia have played the main stage at several music festivals as well as being invited to open for major Christian musical acts, some of the best in the genre. Staying focused to their ministry, the sisters took their mission overseas to work in Central and South America, “Those experiences on the mission field were the first times that we had to give God complete control,” tells Julia. “Many of our song ideas were birthed from those trips.”

THE NEXT STEP: Over the course of playing over 120 shows a year, Everlife became one of Pennsylvania’s most up and coming bands and they eventually had their first hit #1 single on the radio station The Fish entitled “Lead the Way”. After having a hit on one of Pittsburgh’s top radio stations, it was ready to take Everlife to the next level. With a relocation to Nashville, Tennessee, Everlife took their talents and brought them to major record labels in the area. They were taken under the wing of SHELTERecords and produced their first self-titled debut record under the guidance of accomplished producers, Kevan Cyka and Dan Neddham who had previously worked with R.E.M., Lifehouse, Hilary Duff, Stacie Orrico and Jump 5. “They [Kevan and Dan] are a wealth of knowledge and they always know the direction we need to go in before we start working. We are individually finding our strengths while we grow together as a band. It’s been a fantastic experience,” Sarah explained.

WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR: In 2004, Radio Disney tested their song, “I’m Over It” on their ‘Pick it or Kick it’ poll and with an outstanding rating of 83%, the song made it to air. Since then Everlife has become a major part of the Disney musical family having their music on three of five DisneyMania compilation albums which are popular musical acts of today singing classic Disney songs in ‘their style’. Everlife recorded “Strangers Like Me” by Phil Collins from the Tarzan movie, “Reflection” originally sung by Christina Aguilera for 1998’s Mulan and “Look Through My Eyes” again by Phil Collin’s for Brother Bear. In January of 2005, Everlife took part in the DisneyMania Liveconcert which was a televised show that aired on Music Choice, Direct TV, and ABC Family. Everlife also recorded the title track from the Disney Channel original ice skating movie, Go Figure and “Real Wild Child” for the feature film, The Wild.

YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE: It’s been ten years since Everlife began and this year they’ve released their first major label, self-titled album. The record features the songs the band did for Disney as well as their first single, “I Could Get Used to This” originally recorded by Australian sister duo, The Veronicas. The song was a hit being played on heavy rotation on Radio Disney as well as the video on Disney Channel. Right now the girls are getting ready to release their second single off the album entitled, “Faded” and there’s a tour in the works. Make sure you check out Everlife when they come to a town near you!


– Courtney Justice, April 2007