Ashley Tisdale … Her Love Life, New Album & HSM2Ever since her breakout role in Disney’s High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale has turned herself into not only a household name – but, a burgeoning ‘Pop Princess.’’ With Britney Spears causing a scene in the media for all the wrong reasons, Ashley is rising to be the newest ideal icon for young girls.

The actress currently splits her work time between reading scripts, a concert tour with her HSM co-stars, filming episodes of the Disney Channel original series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and preparing to promote the release of her debut album, Headstrong. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that she’s also a 21-year-old girl who loves to shop and hang out with her friends when she she’s home in Los Angeles, California.

Ashley Tisdale ... Her Love Life, New Album & HSM2

STEP TO THE RHYTHM: While on the first concert tour for HSM, Ashley premiered a few songs that she recorded for Headstrong, including the first single – “Be Good To Me”, a female empowering anthem; and sure to be a club hit, “He Said, She Said” which was co-written by one of the industry’s top producers, J.R. Rotem and Ryan “Alias” Tedder.

Ashley may already be known for singing pop musical numbers in a kid-friendly TV movie, but with the heavy pop beats and urban influences of her album, she definitely shows another side of herself. Which is sure to draw in more listeners of her age group, while still keeping her younger fans completely entertained.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR: As you should know by the consistent tabloid reports, with fame comes rumors — lots of rumors. Especially when it comes to your love life and Ashley is one of the newest young starlets to fall victim to it. While she likes to keep her love-life private, it’s been reported that she’s dating her back-up dancer, Jared Murillo. Ashley met Jared while he was a principle dancer on the High School Musical tour, and the two instantly clicked. While they’re often photographed together and Jared has accompanied her to many Hollywood events, the couple intends to currently keep their relationship on the down-low.

Ashley Tisdale ... Her Love Life, New Album & HSM2

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2: The movie that launched Ashley’s career. You know — the one with the songs you couldn’t stop from getting embedded into your head? Yes, the same movie that broke records all around the world. High School Musical is returning with its sequel this year and Ash is preparing to head back to St. Georgia, Utah to begin filming this spring. Although there have been rumors that the second movie will have a”scary” theme, as it has been tentatively titled Haunted High School Musical. Recent reports claimed that the idea fell through and that there wouldn’t be any ghost, candy apples or goblins in the second installment.

We’re barely into the year, but already 2007 is shaping up to be a big year for Ashley. Whether it’s the success of her album, or if – excuse me, when HSM2 dominates the records held by its predecessor – one thing is for sure, the sky is the limit for Miss Tisdale and what a fun ride it’s going to be to see her reach the top.


– Courtney Justice, February 2007