2Much: Their Sound is Blazin’NAME: 2Much
AGES: Chris Cheeks (15), Myles Cleveland (15), Milo Stokes (16), Marcel Wildy (17)
HOMETOWN: Chris, Milo, and Marcel grew up in Los Angeles, whereas Myles hails from Connecticut.

THE MISSING LINK: 2Much began with three young boys, childhood friends (Milo, Marcel, and Chris) who dreamed of making their stardom dreams a reality. Who would have thought it would only take a year? Milo, the son of Chris Stokes, who just so happens to be the writer/director of 2004’s “You Got Served” and CEO of the music and entertainment group T.U.G. (The Ultimate Group) and his three friends got the chance of a lifetime after touring with Milo’s cousin, R&B singer Omarion and his group B2K. The three friends grew up singing and dancing for friends and family, but spent most of their time rehearsing so that they could one day emulate the career of their friend and mentor, Omarion.

During one of the stops on the B2K tour the guys found just what they had been looking for… their fourth member. Chris Stokes spotted Myles who was prepping his pipes while singing and dancing along to the show. After the show Myles was invited backstage for an impromptu audition; which ultimately signed him onto a whirlwind ride with three new friends. “I saw something special that I’ve never seen in a young boys group before,” Chris recounts the events that lead to the creation of 2Much. “They’re like the new Jackson Five.”

2MUCH=B2K?: Milo, Marcel, Chris, and Myles began to spend every day either rehearsing, working out at the gym or in the studio laying down tracks that will appear on their debut album. The four young teens (their ages range from 15 to 17) have been collaborating with acclaimed song-writers and producers such as Sean Garrett who has worked with everyone from the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears to Chris Brown. While the guys fully intend to create a sound much like B2K, they also want people to feel the presence they’re bringing to the music scene today. Says Chris of their musical style, “We’re here to make music for everybody. We’re not trying to separate hip-hop and R&B and make it into different genres, we’re trying to put it all together to make feel good music.” 2Much also says their sound is very much influenced by the artist they look up to like Miles Davis and Chaka Khan.

BRINGING THE HEAT: Their first single, “Fire” has been playing in rotation of MTV and BET and has even made it to various new segments proclaiming that not only is it entertaining, but also appropriate enough to be listened to by the younger generation. 2Much creates a fun mix of Hip-Hop, Dance and R&B jams with their album that is sure to please crowds young and old… just ask Marcel, “We have the slow, more sensitive songs for the ladies, like “If You Were Mine” and ‘Can I Be the One?'” says Marcel, “They’re slow and hot. And then we got the bangers, the tracks that you can put in your car, and just bump.” 2Much’s first album is looking to be released in the late summer-early fall of 2007.


– Courtney Justice, January 2007