The Summer Obsession - 'This is Where You Belong'

This is Where You Belong
Release Date: August 29, 2006
Virgin Records | buy now


One of the hottest, dare I say it “trends” in the music world have been pop/rock bands. About 60% of them all sound like each other but I think we here at Fanvasion have found one that’s quite different that we can truly enjoy listening to. The name of the band is The Summer Obsession and their debut album “This is Where You Belong” hits record stores August 29th. I got a chance to hear the album already so I thought I’d give you a little bit of my thoughts on The Summer Obsession. The band includes lead singer – Lucien Walker, guitarist – Fin, bassist – Christ and former Good Charlotte drummer, Chris Wilson.

I’m going to jump right in and talk about one of my favorite tracks, “Disappear.” The lyrics express the feelings of entrapment in a world where everything is so predictable, fake, unrealistic and full of hatred. You’re basically existing and not really living so you try to hide and fade into the background hoping someone or something will rescue you so you can discover there’s really more to life.

What I found important about the track is that the band, unlike lots of them out there don’t talk about dwelling in your self-pity by turning to drugs, or drinking so you can be blind to what’s going on in your life — but, to just try your best to wake yourself up and find something to focus on to make your life more enjoyable. That’s what really sticks out to me whenever I play that song.

While the lyrics make you think, the music is upbeat and can sometimes distract you. It also doesn’t depress you and who wants to listen to a depressing song?

On a lighter track such as “Down For Whatever” let your summer go out with a bang and just pop this CD in your car while you cruise with your friends. Sometimes the best times you can have can be just hanging out with your friends whether you’re just going for a drive, talking and reminiscing about good times, hanging out at the beach or going to a concert to listen to a great band… like The Summer Obsession. This is a great tune, I love how, to most, the lyrics and pop hooks would seem so “pointless” but actually it shows you can have fun doing “pointless” things. Or enjoy a song that really tells you just to have fun doing “whatever” even if it’s not partying or finding some spectacular way to spend your Friday night.

The album is very positive, and the band takes attention and touches on popular situations and subjects that are going on in the world and in the life of pretty much everybody growing up in this generation. “I Miss You” describes a relationship where only one of you moves on and you’re forced to deal with the others new life and who they’re sharing it with. Whereas on the opening song “8AM” in which the relationship turns to the ‘let’s stay friends’ deal. But can that ever really work?

The album is inspirational and spotlights issues such as: love, loss, boredom, fun and even trying to get away from a dysfunctional family lifestyle like in the bands first single off the album, “Do You Remember?” about a young girl who is abused by her father. Walker says the song was actually inspired by emails from fans he received. “One person was getting abused by her dad and she would write me these crazy, long emails. So, I imagined I could make things better by writing a song where someone takes her out of the situation,” he said.

The final song of the album, which is also the title track “Where You Belong” which is about living in the moment. The song soars until the ending, which closes the album out great. I think they chose the best song as the records finale.

On parts of the album the sound is a bit repetitive, but not in a bad or even an annoying way. The songs are infused with just enough pop beats, piano-inflected notes, melodic rock chords and emotion to make it easy to listen, rock out to or sing-a-long with — you know what, it’s just a fun record. Check it out, pass it along to your friends or listen together — hopefully you’ll see or shall I say, ‘hear’ what I did.

Standout Tracks: “8AM,” “Disappear,” “Death Said,” “Melt The Sugar,” “Do You Remember,” and “Where You Belong”.

– Courtney Justice