Summer Style Spotlight: Audrey KitchingAudrey Kitching / MySpace

Continuing with our Style Spotlight, this summer we’re featuring Audrey Kitching! We wanted to showcase this very stylish 21 year-old east coaster. When she’s not catching attention from on-lookers with her stand-out make-up and wicked cool hair, or even doing hair and make-up for others — Audrey spends her time modeling!

Read more and see what Audrey had to say about her look and what trend she could do without.


Name: Audrey Lynn Kitching
Age: 21
Location: Philly/NYC
Occupation: Hair Stylist, Freelance for M.A.C. Cosmetics, Model, Stylist


How did you get into modeling and doing hair & make-up?
I was with an agency when I was 16 for a while and now I freelance as I’m offered work.. and I went to an Aveda Institute for Cosmetology/Estiology.


What’s the one make-up product you can’t live without?
BareMinerals! I just started using it and it makes your skin look amazing in the summer, no cakey lines or oil!


How would you describe your style?
Kinda urban and weird? I’m really into Anime and Japanese culture right now. I love the fruits look — I’m going to Japan to model for it in September, I’m so excited.


What’s the latest trend you can’t stand?
Those booty shorts girls wear that say “Lifeguard” and “Hottie” on the back.. they are terrible.


· For more about Audrey, check out her MySpace @!