Angels & Airwaves - 'We Don't Need To Whisper'

We Don’t Need To Whisper
Release Date: May 23, 2006
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“Everyone, everyone will listen, even if it hurts sometimes. If you will come and hear the message. Everyone wants to learn to love again.” The opening lines of “Valkyrie Mission,” the introductory track of the debut album, We Don’t Need To Whisper, by Angels & Airwaves, offers a short summary of what exactly this new band, led by Tom DeLonge of blink-182 fame, has sought to accomplish. While the introductory track offers insight into the band’s intent to assist listeners in finding love, “The Adventure,” which is the first single off of Whisper, offers even further insight into what this band, and album, is all about, which is gaining that sense of feeling when you know that you are alive and living, with Delonge having gone through a sort of rebirth himself with this new endeavor.

While much of the material on Whisper can be viewed as uncharacteristic to blink-182 and Box Car Racer fans, it works for Delonge, who wrote and produced the entire album. However, it often seems quite evident at times that he is subliminally directing songs such as “It Hurts,” “Good Day,” and “Start The Machine” to the seemingly-defunct blink-182. Whether or not there is truth to this theory, these “dedications” are in no way detrimental to Whisper as the metaphors used in such tracks allow for multiple meanings to be considered.

Tackling world issues with “Distraction” and the appropriately named “The War,” the latter offering a hook that sounds very Coldplay-esque, Angels & Airwaves seem to know no limits in regards to subject matter. The heavily spiritual message at hand in “A Little’s Enough” would provide further proof here. The ballad has God, witnessing the internal problems being dealt with by his people, sympathetically offer to intervene and fix it all if only asked upon.

Regardless of whether his former band remains in his heart, with feelings of regret lingering, Tom DeLonge has surely taken a negative situation and crafted it into something amazingly positive, with his self-proclaimed ultimate intent to “change the world” through his music. While that may seem to be the impossible goal, We Don’t Need To Whisper consistently offers such hopefulness, and those who will come to “hear the message” may, in fact, find themselves inspired to “learn to love again.” While the goal may be to reach the multitude, it seems fitting that, for one man, the achievement of such a goal may start by changing one life at a time.

Standout Tracks: “The Adventure”, “Do It For Me Now”, “Valkyrie Mission”, “It Hurts”, “Good Day”.

– Christopher Griffin