Angel & Airwaves [5/20/06]Geffen

The Avalon Ballroom
Boston, MA – May 20, 2006

“If you’re here and you’re all alone tonight,
Then I’ll give you a free ride.
Take a chance cause I know you want to”


Despite taking place prior to the May 23rd release of Angels & Airwaves’ debut album, entitled We Don’t Need To Whisper, the crowded Avalon Ballroom, for the most part, saw fans cohesively sing along with the headlining band, much to the delight of lead-singer Tom Delonge.

Between songs, whether commenting on unicorns and the magic that comes with believing in such mystical creatures, or how the ongoing war in Iraq has affected him and his family, DeLonge at times spoke with such charisma that the audience would become engulfed in his words. As the Angels & Airwaves headliner claimed to have great desire to change the world “from the inside-out” with his music, speaking with such conviction that one would be hard-pressed to doubt such a profound statement.

Displayed early on in “Distraction,” which lyrically touches on recent troubling social issues and the hopelessness that may result as such, Delonge, rather than choosing to place blame on any government or organization, asks for us as individuals to support each other in the sense that when all hope seems lost, we can be the “distraction” that our loved ones seek. From the inside-out.

Perhaps the most emotional of moments came during the performance of “A Little’s Enough,” with the chorus drowning out all else, more than capable in this one offering alone to excite a change for the better in the listener, practically pleading that if one were to simply let a little more love into their hearts, then like the title of the track, “a little’s enough.”

Angel & Airwaves [5/20/06]Geffen

The audience momentarily quieted down as DeLonge began to play an unusual tune on his guitar, only to respond enthusiastically upon realization that this was, in fact, a unique rendition of blink-182’s “Down,” replacing “Down, down, down, down” with “Woah, oh, oh, oh,” the latter seemingly being an Angels & Airwaves trademark of sorts as it was often times chanted and encouraged throughout the show, with fans unhesitant to oblige. Likewise, the crowd’s reaction during his solo performance of Box Car Racer’s “There Is,” was in itself almost enough to warrant this a great show.

Needless to say, fans were greatly pleased to hear offerings from both of his former bands. However, while many were still relatively unfamiliar with the new Angels & Airwaves songs, it was with these new performances, and the way Delonge and his new bandmates proceeded to maintain such a demanding stage presence, that even early on in the band’s lifespan it became apparent that there is truly something great going on in Rock music, and with Angels & Airwaves, not only is there great music to be heard and well-spirited lyrics to be sung, but there is in fact a life-changing experience waiting to be had as well, sought after and attained if allowed.


– Christopher Griffin