Teddy Geiger - 'Underage Thinking'

Underage Thinking
Release Date: March 21, 2006
Columbia Records | buy now


On his debut CD, Underage Thinking, Teddy Geiger draws comparisons to several of pop-rock’s more recent big-named artists. For instance, on the album’s opener, “These Walls,” there are immediate comparisons to Gavin DeGraw waiting to be made, both musically and vocally. He also seems to channel John Mayer on one of the album’s better offerings, “Try Too Hard,” and to a lesser extent, on “Air Dry” there are hints of Maroon 5. By proving so versatile, you get the sense that Teddy Geiger, at 17 years of age, may soon be one of the youngest success stories the music industry has had in some time. After all, the teen sensation was discovered during his stint on VH1’s 2005 In Search of the New Partridge Family, and had a role on the short-lived CBS drama, Love Monkey, prior to the CD’s release.

“For You I Will (Confidence)” is undeniably the track that stands out the most in this debut effort. The concept explored here is a familiar one for anyone who has ever crushed on someone while lacking the confidence (hence the name) to express the feelings due to personal insecurities. This inferiority complex is at hand here as Geiger makes the claim, “You always want what you can’t have, but I’ve got to try. I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have, for you I will.” “Night Air” is also a feel good song that has the young artist simply express what is felt when he is around the one his heart aches for. For one of the first true pop songs on the album, this is well done and the lyrical content, over the piano-led track can be credited for this.

Underage Thinking may mean that Teddy Geiger can be far more introspective than most 17 years old, and this quality is emphatically portrayed on “Look Where We Are Now,” the coming of age song where Geiger tells of his determinance to fulfill his dreams, despite the hard work and dedication required to achieve such goals. However, if “Look Where We Are Now” shows his maturity, then “Thinking Underage,” another coming of age offering, shows the talented musician/singer/songwriter’s age. With the second verse’s focus on how awesome life will be afterwards obtaining a license, it really caters to the teenage demographic that the pop genre is expected to appeal to. However, it works as he expresses such honest discontentment with the constraints of young adulthood.

While showcasing his ability to come off as one much older than he actually is on “For You I Will (Confidence)” and “Love Is A Marathon,” he also, for better or worse, shows his age and young personality on other tracks. A multi-talented musician, Geiger plays guitar, piano, bass, and percussion. Oftentimes throughout Underage Thinking, the sincerity offered in his music is heavily influential and is really what makes this such a noteworthy twelve-track collection.

Standout Tracks: “For You I Will (Confidence)”, “Night Air”, “Look Where We Are Now”, “Try Too Hard”, “Love Is A Marathon”.

– Christopher Griffin