Dashboard Confessional [4/8/06]Vagrant

Matthews Arena
[Northeastern University]

Boston, MA – April 8, 2006

At least for one night, all seemed right in the world. As Dashboard Confessional took to the stage of Matthews Arena, headlining the annual Northeastern University Spring Fest concert, a sense of unity was felt throughout the room. How rare is it for a room full of strangers to feel so connected? After hours of waiting patiently for this performance, the audience sang along in unison with lead singer Chris Carabba as the band opened with “The Sharp Hint of New Tears.”

This should be expected at any Dashboard Confessional show, audience singing along, song after song, at times taking over choruses and verses completely. Faulty? One could make an argument for that without hesitation, however the beauty of it is that this impact that the band has on its fans is what makes them stand out so much from all others. The performance is so incredible, and the lyrics so profound, that it would be unfortunate to not participate.

Not much time passes before a series of questions is recited by virtually all in attendance. “Is there anything worth looking for? Worth loving for? Worth lying for? Is there anything worth waiting for? Worth living for? Worth dying for?” As “Am I Missing” is performed, it becomes quite clear that there are in fact moments in time worth looking for, waiting for, loving for, and living for. Blending tracks from all of the band’s past albums, and performing the entire “So Impossible” EP live, Carabba put his all into each performance, at times giving back-story for the crowd to gain a sense of where he was coming from when creating such masterful works, as well as effortlessly coming of as sociable and approachable, both qualities that are rarely associated with celebrities. One of the most heartfelt moments of the night would be the aforementioned performance of the “So Impossible” EP. “For You To Notice,” “Remember To Breathe,” and “So Impossible,” which tell the story of what at first seems to be an unrequited love, but develops into something that is truly great, leading to the self-proclaimed best day of Carabba’s life.

Dashboard Confessional [4/8/06]

As the band wrapped up a set that lasted approximately an hour and a half, and made their way off stage, there didn’t seem to be the slightest sense of disappointment in the crowd by the selection of songs made, despite the fact that there were so many other incredible songs that were left unsung. As the crowd began to file out of the arena, Dashboard made their way back on stage as Carabba announces that he has one more song to perform. As he belts out the popular “Vindicated,” it becomes ever so evident that the best was saved for the very end. One more song soon turned into two more as the song about the previously mentioned best day of his life, “Hands Down” was used to close such an incredible performance, and at least for one night, all seemed right in the world.


– Christopher Griffin