The Click Five – BSB ‘Never Gone’ Tour [8/13/05]

“Never Gone Tour”
[opening for Backstreet Boys]

Tweeter Center @ the Waterfront
Camden, NJ – August 13, 2005

It felt like the hottest day of the year, my ears filled with screams from the mouths of young girls and boys, my eyes were blinded by lights and I was surrounded by security guards and crowds of people. I looked up from my seat and said to myself, “Wow .. do I love concerts or what?”

This wasn’t just any concert though, it was a Backstreet Boys show and anytime you’re at a concert for a boy band it’s very important to make sure you’ve done everything you’d have to do before you sit in your seat. Why’s that? Because if you ask someone to move to make room for you to get in and out of your aisle, be aware of the death stares you’ll receive. So, I sat down in my *very-close-to-the-stage* seat with friends, and got ready to watch the opening acts before BSB went on. Seventeen-year-old Kaci Brown wowed the crowd with her catchy tunes and off-the-wall energy until it was time for the Boston band the Click Five to take the stage to perform songs from their debut album, “Greetings From Imrie House.”

The Click Five opened their set with the catchy tune “Pop Princess,” right away people stood up (yea, until then.. everyone was actually sitting) and instantly the stage and audience were filled with energy. The second song on their roster was the electrifying Friday Night, and by the crowds reaction.. you would’ve thought it was Friday, but it wasn’t… it was Saturday, bummer.

The Click Five – BSB ‘Never Gone’ Tour [8/13/05]

Moving on, one of my favorite songs was next, “Resign.” What’s so great about hearing it live is because the band gets so into it and even with the fact that they move around the stage a lot and put on little choreographed movements with their instruments, they still harmonize flawlessly while they stay in tune with the crowd.

As much as I can appreciate original music, I love cover-tunes as much as the next gal and the Click Five performs a great version of Tommy James’ “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Contrary to what people believe, Tiffany was not the first artist to record it. It also gave the crowd a good song to sing along to in-case they weren’t familiar with the Click’s music.

The band went on to perform a huge fan favorite and MTV TRL’s chart climber, their single “Just The Girl.” If you like this song on the record, you’ll LOVE it live. If you can imagine, it actually sounds better live. More people began standing up, the fans went crazy while holding up their “Eric Will You Marry Me Signs,” and “Joey I’m ‘Just The Girl'” posters while others just bopped their heads and sang along.

The Click Five – BSB ‘Never Gone’ Tour [8/13/05]

I thought they were gonna end their set there, but no… they sang one of my favorites, “Catch Your Wave.” The most outrageously contagious song I’ve heard since Hanson’s “MMMBop.” Fans were actually not only singing along, but they had created dance moves to it too! It was crazy. Most artist, when they perform they’re energized for the first 3 songs and then they wear out on us — but the Click truly performed from the minute they got on stage, until they stepped off.

If that weren’t enough, the band took in a little R&R before they went right back out to sign copies of their CD, posters and t-shirts for their fans at a signing towards the end of the Backstreet Boys set. What a down-to-earth bunch of guys.


– Courtney Justice, September 2005