We wanted to do a make-up feature on the coolest and most dramatic eye make-up when we came across Shila’s page on Myspace.com. This 20 year-old Cali native has the most eye-catching make-up we’ve seen outside the most glamorous music videos and the high fashion catwalk. Read below to find out some of Shila’s tips on how you can achieve her look.



NAME: Shila
AGE: 20 years old
LOCATION: California
Make-up Tips: “I use a white eyeliner as a base to set bright colors like yellows and oranges. Other wise I use Shadestick in ‘Beiging’ ” by M.A.C. I usually use 3-4 colors when doing my eye make-up, it’s fun and to me make-up is my art.”
Favorites Colors To Use: Red & Purple

Aspirations: “I’ve never gone to makeup or cosmetology school. It’s just something I picked up on my own, and one day hope to start a make up line of my own.”

Where You Can Spot Her Work: Shila did the make-up for the bands Roses Are Red and Arizona-based band Scary Kids Scaring Kids for their latest music video shoots. She also does the make-up for the band Clearstatic on a regular basis. You can check out their Myspace here.

To see more of Shila’s awesome make-up styles, check out her Myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/makeupbyshila!


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