One Tree Hill: Oh, What a Tangeled Web They WeaveSome might say the WB’s new hit drama One Tree Hill is “another Dawson’s Creek.”

“Oh, what a tangled web they weave” may be the slogan you see on all the promotional posters lately. But, it’s honestly true….and this is why…

The story of two half-brothers growing up in the same hometown of Tree Hill, North Carolina – Lucas (Chad Michael Murray, Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty, Emeril), they have only three things in common – they share the same father, their love of basketball and they both like Nathan’s girlfriend Peyton.

The gorgeous Chad Michael Murray and Dawson’s Creek alum plays Lucas, the son of the former town basketball hero Dan Scott (Paul Johansson, John Q), or shall we say…the son Dan would rather forget. You see in his senior year of high school Dan impregnated his girlfriend, Karen Roe (Moira Kelly, The West Wing). Only to leave her and his unborn son and go to college on his basketball scholarship and end up repeating the same thing with a young woman named Deb (Barbara Alyn Woods, Honey I Shrunk The Kids). Difference is, Dan married her and after an injury on the court playing college ball – Dan and Deb moved back to Tree Hill to raise their son and the new town b-ball superstar, Nathan. Karen on the other hand, raised Lucas with the help of her friend – and Dan’s older brother Keith (Craig Sheffer, A River Runs Through It, who’s secretly in love with her. Crazy stuff. Oh, she also has her own café, coincidentally called “Karen’s Café.”

One Tree Hill: Oh, What a Tangeled Web They Weave

As you can tell Lucas and Nathan were brought up in very different ways…Nathan grew up in a home of wealth where he basically gets everything he wants and gets away with anything he can. While Lucas, a loner …grew up in a close nit family despite Dan’s absence.

When a twist of “fate” throws Lucas on the same basketball team as Nathan, the Tree Hill Ravens – that’s when things really get tangled. At first things start of shaky – Lucas isn’t accepted as the new member of the Ravens and only one person can prevent that. Lucas’ BFF (best friend forever) Haley James (Bethany Joy Lenz, Guiding Light). Since Nathan’s grades stink and Haley is the THHS tutor she makes a deal with him to help him with his schoolwork if he stops torturing Lucas.

Then there’s Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton, MTV’s TRL)…she’s a Dashboard Confessional, Cheap Trick listening cheerleader who just happens to be Nathan’s girlfriend. Who of course, has the hotts for Lucas – lucky for her…the feelings mutual and Nathan can tell – which leads to their break up later on. Brooke (Sophia Bush, Van Wilder) whose Peyton’s bubbly best friend and fellow cheer partner… enjoys her times trying to seduce Lucas. Yup, she likes him too.

So just so you haven’t lost me here – Peyton likes Lucas, Brooke likes Lucas, Lucas likes Peyton, and Nathan dates Peyton. Lucas and Nathan don’t like each other. Haley ends up liking Nathan, which infuriates Lucas.

One Tree Hill: Oh, What a Tangeled Web They Weave

In hopes you got all of that, let’s move onto the parents for a moment. At first Dan was very angry that his brother Keith and Whitey Durham (Barry Corbin, Northern Exposure) got Lucas on the team. Whitey is the basketball coach, whom Dan has issues with that go back to his high school days. You see Whitey’s the one encourage Dan to use that scholarship and go to college when Karen became pregnant. Even though Dan is still angry, we fortunately don’t have to hear about it as much anymore.

Deb is upset about Dan constantly putting pressure on Nathan to be the best, which lead to Nathan taking steroids and passing out during a game in an episode last November. You may have wondered why I haven’t mentioned Karen – she’s in Italy at cooking school, while Deb takes over the café for her. They’re friends now…at this point I guess it’s not that surprising.

After the winter sweeps, One Tree Hill returned January 20th with yet another twisted love triangle. Apparently Lucas is with Brooke, which of course breaks Peyton’s heart, and puts a strain on her and Brooke’s friendship. Haley

One Tree Hill: Oh, What a Tangeled Web They Weave

and Nathan couldn’t be happier in their relationship…yea they’re dating. Deb kicked Dan out of the house…. Don’t be shocked. You knew it had to be coming after the steroids incident.

Without getting any further into detail let’s just say, these kids change relationships every week – which maybe why they’re known as the Dawson’s replacement. Well, yeah OTH and DC are filmed in the same place of Wilmington, North Carolina. It is a teen drama and there’s a whole lot of making out but – did the Creek have basketball? Didn’t think so.

Here’s what I think, whether One Tree Hill is the “new” Dawson’s Creek or not – I don’t care. This is a great new show, with a hot cast and interesting story. Put it this way you don’t need Webster to understand what the characters are saying and…did I mention Chad Michael Murray?

One Tree Hill: Oh, What a Tangeled Web They Weave

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the awesome theme song “I Don’t Want To Be” performed by Gavin DeGraw, it’s not even half as close as annoying as the DC one we had to listen to for 6 years. Gavin also appeared on an episode performing at the café this past January and Grammy Award winner Sheryl Crow is slated to perform on an upcoming episode this month.

I think after the cast made their first appearance on MTV’s TRL in November, and caused total mayhem with over 2,000 fans that actually chased their white stretch Hummer down the NYC streets and almost made it impossible for the cast to make their flight back to North Carolina. We all knew…this show is a hit. Dawson’s Creek who?

There are big things in store for ‘OTH’ before the seasons end. For now, you’ll just have to tune in Tuesdays @ 9pm EST to see how this tangled bunch unfolds.

– Courtney Justice, March/April 2004

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