Hilary Duff and Her MetamorphosisShe said “Ciao!” to Lizzie McGuire last year with her smash movie based on her hit Disney Channel series and hasn’t looked back since.

By the time her sixteenth birthday came around, Hilary Duff has a resume that beat out most of her peers. From staring on the hit show Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel as well as the stations highest rated movie ever, Cadet Kelly; not to mention guest starring on several hit TV shows along with the likes of Sean Connery and Tim Robbins.

There was only one step left for her to make.

Hilary Duff and Her Metamorphosis

Duff made it as she danced her way onto the singing stage. Her singing debut came on the soundtrack for Lizzie McGuire with “I Can’t Wait”. And she really couldn’t wait because on August 29th 2003 she released her debut album, Metamorphosis which soared to the #2 spot on Billboards Top 200 chart in its first week of release.

“I’ve always sung, ever since I could talk,” says Duff, according to her official website. “At home, at school, in the choir, everywhere. But about two years ago I decided to be a real singer, and started working with really cool singers, musicians, and songwriters. Best of all, I started working in the studio, experimenting and putting material together. I’ve fallen in love with the studio. I just know that a lot of my fans relate to the album.”

Duff might be right about that, sales of her debut album have reached 2.2 million and it continues to sell well. Her first single off of Metamorphosis, “So Yesterday” became a hit across the country and on Walmart.com. The video for the song quickly made it’s way onto MTV’s hot show Total Request Live as it competed against her other video from Lizzie McGuire “Why Not”.

Hilary Duff and Her Metamorphosis

Although acting was her first dream and goal, singing was something she’s always imagined herself doing as well. She’s contrasts the two careers” “The thing with acting is that you’re putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes, and you’re creating a character, which is a ton of fun … But also it’s good to have the balance with the singing, so that everybody knows your personality and what you’re like …”.

For those not in tune with the younger generation of today, the jump from acting to singing might seem severe and slightly cliché. But, for Hilary this Metamorphosis was just the most logical thing to do next in her life and career.

– Katherine Lacabe, October 2003

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