justincaseL-R: Justin, Nick & Hannah Tosco.

At one of their stops on the Nick Carter “Now or Never” tour we got to hang out with the band justincase, ask them a few questions, watch sound check…and their awesome performance. Check out what they had to say…


Alright, why don’t we start by you introducing yourselves.
Justin: I’m Justin Tosco.
Hannah: I’m Hannah Tosco.
Nick: And, I’m Nick Tosco.

Right now your on tour with Nick Carter… have you gotten to hang out with him or Vi3 yet?
Vi3 we share this dressing room with actually, so we are with them a lot. We’ve hung out a lot with Nick’s band, and Nick stays on the bus a lot of the time. We’ve met him and he’s a cool guy, but we haven’t really hung out with him so far.

We know that before you were signed, you played clubs to sort of get your name out there. How would you say that is different/or would be, to playing stadiums?
Well, it’s kind of really the size that is the biggest difference. We’ve played a lot of bad clubs, where they really don’t care about how the music is. They’re just whatever, sure if you want to come play. They don’t even pay us, but now playing at these kind of places…it’s like you get good sound and they really care about making us look good and sound good. And obviously there’s more people, so it’s just more fun.

What does it feel like to be up on stage and have people singing along, enjoying the music you work so hard on?
It’s awesome, this tour has been really cool. Nick’s fans are really great and they really get into the music. It’s been a ton of fun.

How do you choose the songs that will make the set list for each show?
Ya know we kind of just run down the CD, and um and any new songs we’ve written or cover songs we want to play. We just think about and taken into consideration how long of a set you have, and what kind of audience you’re going to be playing for. What songs they will know, or want to hear. It really just depends on each show, but right now our set list is pretty much the same songs every night.

justincaseIs there a certain process you go through when writing a song?
Um I dunno…I do most of the writing. So, it’s kind of different for me every time. A lot of the time I just sort of get an idea musically on the guitar, like melody or maybe a cord progression, and then I try and put words to it. But, it can be different every time…sometimes I’ll just have lyrics or something I want to say. Then I’ll just sit down and put music to the words. It’s just different.
Nick: It’s cool because, he’ll be writing something on the guitar or lyrics or whatever. And then because we’re all brothers and sister, we live in the same house. We can be able to go in the garage and he can say…ya know Nick come plays this and then Hannah comes in and we work together. Verses him having to call us up and him losing what he has, ya know the idea for his song or whatever. It’s a pretty cool process, that’s just easier and faster.

How many songs did you write and record before choosing the final album tracks?
Oh wow, well I started writing when I was thirteen. So, five years worth of songs I think it was probably…eighty songs that I’ve written. But, stuff that I wrote when I was thirteen we don’t want to put on the album obviously. (laughs) There was definitely a lot to choose from.

Are there any that didn’t make the album, but that you wish had?
Actually, what happened is we had all the songs we wanted and recorded and Justin had done a few co-writes with different producers. We had the whole CD recorded and we had laid down the last track. Then like a week or two later Justin went back out to LA and started writing with a producer…um, Greg Wells. Just wrote this really awesome song…we had the CD completely done, but then he wrote this extra song. So, we ended up kicking off one of the other songs on the CD and putting “Letter”, the song he wrote at the last minute…we added it on. Now we have this one extra song that’s completely recorded and ready for the CD, we just couldn’t fit it on the album.
Nick: Although, it is on the Japanese version of our CD.
Hannah: Yea, in Japan you can get it.

On your album you have the duet “Without You” with Michelle Branch and she even co-wrote on “Don’t Cry For Us”…how was it working with her?
Oh yea, it was a blast! We’re really good friends, so I think it just kind of happened naturally. But, she’s always fun to hang out with.

justincaseOut of all the songs on the album which ones are you favorites and why?
Mine is actually “Letter”.
Hannah: Yea.
Nick: For listening probably “Letter”. When you put on the CD that’s probably the first one you want to go to, but we all have different ones we like to play.

Well, then which ones are your favorite to perform live?
Oh, I really like performing “The Best That I Can Do”, the last song on the CD.
Nick: I really like “Constellation”, that’s one rockin’ song.
Justin: Oh, I dunno…probably “What I Wouldn’t Do”.

All three of you are pretty young, what made you decide to put a band together?
Well, both of our parents are musicians…and our dad is actually a guitar teacher. So, we were always learning growing up. Ya know learning the piano or playing the guitar…messing around with all the different instruments around the house. We kind of just gravitated to one instrument in particular…Justin on the guitar obviously, I was on the keyboards, and Nick eventually got the drums. We were all just playing our songs, and we happened to be learning the same song at the same time. Then there was a talent show at out school we were all going to and then it was kind of like why not? let’s just play. After that night we had so much fun that we started playing more schools, festivals, and parties.

How did you come up with the name Justincase?
Nick: Well, the truth is we didn’t really like sit down and plan to call the band Justincase. Before, it was just us three we actually had another band with some friends and it was SimonPure. We kind of just looked that up in the dictionary and it meant authentic, so we’re like that’s cool. Then everyone started to think his name (points to Justin) was Simon Pure. (all laugh) That I’m Nick Pure and stuff like that. So we were like…we probably got to change this, and sat down trying to think of everything. Then one of our friends was like “what about Justincase?, yea know cause it kind of incorporates your name”. We were just like “yea”.
Hannah: Ya know if people are gonna think it’s his name, it mine as well actually be his name. (laughs)
Justin: Of course, now everyone thinks my last name is Case. (all laugh)
Nick: Oh well.

justincaseWord has it you’ll be going on your own tour in April.
We hope so, nothing definite though.
Hannah: Right.

Can you tell us a little about that, or what we can expect?
We just don’t have any plans.
Justin: Yea, it’s not like a secret or anything. We don’t know yet…we’re just planning on it.

You guys seem very interactive with your fans, have you met any yet that have made a big impression on you?
I have actually. I mean there has been a bunch of times where fans have written us and said “your song or CD really means a lot to me”. It’s weird to say, but they say it sort of change their lives. It’s always cool to hear, and the few times that has happened it’s been pretty amazing.

In the original line up, we hear that your father was actually in the band with you. What happened?
No, we…
Nick: No, that was not a line up at all! That was a interim bass player…
Hannah: No when Nick was saying how we had two other people in the band. I was playing keyboards, and one of Justin’s friends was playing bass, and we had another female singer. When they left we were just left with guitar, drums, and keys and we needed a bass. So, I started to learn it, and while I was learning. Before I could get on stage and play it our dad filled in, because we still had shows we had to play. He would stand in the back and wear all black and play. But, that was just for a couple of months, while I was trying to learn.

justincaseIf you could write or play a song with any band/group/artist in the world who would it be? Why?
I’d love to write with Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls.
Hannah: I think performing with the Goo Goo Dolls would be awesome. I think writing with John Mayer good too.
Nick: I don’t know about necessarily writing, but I would love to just play, jam with Dave Grohl. ‘Cause ya know he would be just so cool…he could be playing guitar with ya know, rockin’ out! Then he could go behind the set and we could play drums. That would be really cool.

Any other exciting things you’ve got coming up that you can tell us about?
Nope! (all laugh) We’re boring people.
Justin: The show tonight is about the most exciting thing.
Hannah: The duet will probably be released at the end of March, so I guess be sure to look forward to that.

Well, I that’s all the questions we have. It’s been very cool to sit down and chill with you…
Oh, well thank you!


(Maverick Records – September 17, 2002)

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