WOW! We got TONS of votes for many artist over the last couple of months! We have to say this is one of the most unusual list we’ve ever seen. From top recording artist to newcomers. The final list was made up and calculated on the votes YOU sent US. Many artist didn’t make it that we really thought should. Tons of artist made an impact this year like Kelly Rowland, Nelly, Good Charlotte, Soluna, B2K, Simple Plan and the list goes on and on. But, of course if we had to name everyone it would probably be the 50 Hottest Stars. This was our first time around, maybe we’ll do 50 next time. Thank you to all the fans who voted and check out the final results below.


#1 Chris TrousdaleThe dream is gone…some might say, when they hear the name “Dream Street.” Those five boys out of New York were well, on their way.. What happened? Who’s fault was it? Where did everything go wrong? Their fans find those same questions going through their head every time they pop in the album of their, now no more favorite boy band. But, when you think about it…it’s not completely over. CHRIS TROUSDALE, one of the remaining members of the group hasn’t gone anywhere. The 17 year old heartthrob with his crazy signature hair is excited and geared up to launch his awaited solo career.

Recently he’s been popping up everywhere for the screenings and concert tour of his movie The Biggest Fan (which costars rising actress, Kaila Amariah). He also recorded two songs for a Christmas album entitled “School’s Out,” which you may have heard one of his songs “Wild Christmas,” played on the popular teen-drama the WB’s Dawson’s Creek. Oh and let’s not forget the duet he did with rising Swedish girl-group, Play. Their remake of the “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” a 1960s duet between Motown artist, The Temptations and The Supremes, was #1 on Radio Disney and played almost everywhere!

After promoting the movie, and appearing on such shows as Nickelodeon’s All That and The Miss Teen USA Pageant, he’s already in the studio recording his first solo album and working on dances for his planned tour! We were able to catch one of his shows on his recent mini winter tour, and let’s just say it’s AMAZING! You wouldn’t know where this kid gets his energy!! He even performs a medley of Dream Street songs and his last song he recorded with the group in 2001, called “With All My Heart.”

When votes for Chris from his many devoted fans started pouring into our mailbox by the hundreds we knew he was it. There was no doubt Chris would be #1 on our list of many great artist. Many people have said after the breakup of Dream Street, that Chris will not make it. WE say after all he’s accomplish in such a short while and so many things he’s yet to experience…his days with Dream Street may be over but, the dream is certainly not gone.


#2 Nick CarterHe’s been breaking hearts, charts, and records since he was 12 years old with his mega hot group the Backstreet Boys…but last fall 23 year-old Nick Carter released his debut solo album entitled Now or Never. It’s not exactly an album you’d hear from Nick, but who the heck cares? It’s funky, it’s different and you can definitely rock out to it. Nick plans to get back into the studio with the Boys, but for right now he has his hands busy playing shows all over the US. He comes in at #2…but then again, are you really that shocked? It’s Nick Carter!


#3 JustincaseWhen you hear the phrase “sibling band,” you think the Jackson 5, Hanson, The Moffatts.. etc. But, that’s not who we’re talking about. Maverick recording artist, justincase (with a lowercase j) are a whole different act. Meet the Tosco’s, brothers Justin, 19 and Nick, 17 along with their sister Hannah, 16. These Charlotte, North Carolina natives are willing and ready to make a name for themselves. With their first single “Don’t Cry For Us” blasted over airwaves, and the video for the single being played on MTV and #1 continuously on Nickelodeon’s Nick Video Pick, their music instantly takes you over. They just wrapped up touring with Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter and their self-titled debut album is already selling fast. They come in at #3 on our top list of the hottest stars, next year we wouldn’t be surprised if they took #1.


#4 Vi3Lucas, Jackie and Justin also known as Vi3! They’re the hottest new, boy band! Guy group! Ah, call them what you want, they don’t care! Because, when you listen to their music, the first thing you’ll say anyway is “Damn, that’s hot!” Their CD “…So Tight” is exactly that…tight, tight, tight! Our favorite songs which are incredible stand out tracks are, the upbeat “Hottie With a Body” which will be on the soundtrack to the new movie ‘Boat Trip’ starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Vivica A. Fox, “Go-Get Her” which has that infamous “The Name Game” beat is most definitely a party song so get all your girls together and blast it so loud that even the little old lady across the street can hear it! Their music has everything from Pop to Rap, R&B and a whole lotta soul, their latest single “Eyes Closed So Tight” is tearing up the radio in Chi-town (nickname for Chicago, their hometown), Philly and New York among others. They’re currently on tour with Nick Carter playing shows all over. They come in at #4 on our “hot list” and if you haven’t picked up their CD…GO-GET-IT!


#5 PlayLeft to right: Anna Sundstrand (14), Faye Hamlin (15), Rosie Munter (15) and Anais Lameche (15). Play…the latest Europe imports are defiantly causing a scene and gaining a strong fan-base over America. They are one of today’s hottest and youngest new girl-groups. Their first single “Us Against The World” blasted over radio waves back in 2001 and with their second single of their 2002 self-titled debut album, and duet with ex-Dream Streeter, Chris Trousdale for “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” earned them #1 on Radio Disney and tons of new fans. These Columbia recording artist are getting ready to release their second album entitled, Replay this spring. Their first single off the album, “Whole Again” brings a different and fresh new sound from the girls. We wouldn’t be surprised if the next place you see them is #1 on TRL! They round off our list at #5.


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-Courtney Justice

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