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We got a chance to talk with 3rd Faze’s Halie Clark. She talks about getting the name “3rd Faze”, writing on the album, and what it was like to open for Dream Street. Read on and get the scoop.


How did you choose the name 3rd Faze?
We were actually named by our fans! One of our producers, the one that started us, sent his daughter out with word that he was starting a new girl group and that they needed a name. So, she and some other fans of ours came up with 3rd Faze. It makes a cool story, and I love it when our fans get creative!

How does it feel to have songs that you co-wrote on the album?
Well, we actually co-wrote two of our songs: “Boy You Gotta Go” and “Go Slow”. And of course it feels awesome to be able to share your creativity and art with the world through your love (music). Being a new artist, I find it a blessing that we were even given this opportunity to write, and when the songs made the album I was just ecstatic…it was an answered prayer.

Who’s had the most influence on you personally or musically?
My main influences personally have come from my family. I am so blessed to have the support from them like I do. We are so close and I continue to learn from them daily. Musically, my influences come from my childhood. I loved Amy Grant, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston; and my father also raised me to love the old rock…so I think that is where my love for rock music comes from now.

Does it bother you that most of your fans are Dream Street fans as well?
[Laughs] Fans are fans! Doesn’t matter where they come from. I love those boys; they are so talented, have the greatest hearts, and the greatest fans!! So, no, it doesn’t bother me one bit! We’ll always be grateful to Dream Street for sharing their fans with us.

If you were told you only had 24 hours left to live how would you spend the time?
Oh, that’s easy – with my family and those that are close to me (people I love most).

If you could be any vegetable what would you be?
Sweet Potatoes! They are the perfect food! They completely taste good and sweet…but are sooooo good for you! How can you be more perfect!?!

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
To trust in the Lord with all your heart. Nothing can be a bad thing as long as you know that everything happens for a reason, and its because of God that it even happened at all.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
I really don’t get embarrassed, so I don’t think I have an answer for that one. But if I did, I don’t think I would make it public so that everyone could laugh at me! [Laughs]

Is there anything you regret and if so would you change it if you could?
Like I said before: I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I put all my trust in the Lord; therefore I live my life with no regrets. Yes, I am human, and I’ve made mistakes, but nothing I can’t live with or would dwell on.

What’s the best part about being on stage?
THE FANS! You guys are so awesome! Its amazing in the first place that we even get the opportunity to be in front of you guys to share our art…but when you see that you are actually getting through to your audience and they are responding to you…that is just an indescribable feeling!

What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years?
Wow, I don’t think anyone can see themselves in 10 years. But I will pray that 3rd Faze has reached new heights and that I could have the opportunity and means to have my own family by then.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Before we go is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
No problem…my time is your time. And to all of our fans: Like I said before…You guys are the best element of 3rd Faze to me!! You all ROCK majorly, and know that I love each and everyone of you. Thank you for supporting us, for there would be no “us” without you! God Bless!


Halie Clark [3rd Faze]3rd FAZE
(Edel America – October 2, 2001)

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